Calling on all you MCS sufferers again Could you rec a facial

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Sep 6, 2006.

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    moisturiser for my totally sensitive skin? I posted last week re how I was having real trouble finding a replacement facial cleanser because mine has been reformulated and now causes major irritation.. You might remember that I described all-over body itching/ feeling sick when I try new cleansers and some of you kindly posted recs... I am looking into them but would love more recs from any bad sufferers out there who may have missed it?? :) I am getting really stressed that I won't find a replacement before my limited supply of the cleanser I can tolerate runs out...I need something gentle enough (and free of fragrance) to clean my eyes with, too!

    Now I am faced with a new problem! I use an all-natural moisturiser but Jurlique BUT I only seem to tolerate it when used in conjunction with the cleanser I'm ok with (which as I said has been refirmulated and is now useless to me)...I am not sure why I can only tolerate it with that particular cleanser but that seems to be the now I am on the look out for a facial moisturiser too that will not upset my nose, my skin, my body, make my itch all over and will still be gentle but powerful enough to moisturise my dry, sensitive face which is also blighted by rosacea! I seem not to be able to tolerate chemicals or lots of natural extracts and stuff..I don't know what I'm gonna use and can't envisage having to live with that terrible itching problem (if I can't find stuff before my limited supply of cleanser runs out!) I don't even get a rash either so it'd be another reason for the docs to think I'm cuckoo!

    I hope some of you with MCS can help me!!! Why, oh, companies have to change formulas?
    I better trust God that he is gonna find me something...maybe it'll be a rec from one of's praying!

    Love, Shelbo
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    Do you know the exact name of the cleanser? Botanicals can have the same effect on me as chemicals so it'd help to look over the ingredients...
    Thanks again...

    Any one else? Shelbo :)
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    for more replies... :)
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    can't remember where i got the information but i was told that aluminum in any thing causes flare up in fibro and cfs so look at the ingrediants you will be surprised at what has aliminum in them. sich i have avoided aliminum i have better skin
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    bumping for more recs? :)
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  7. shelbo

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    bumping for more replies :)

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