Calling on CROMWELL , part 2 kids won't EAT, food allergy?huh????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saphire27, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Hi, in regards to the lactose intolerance, My 5 yr old loves regular milk, he actually prefers it, but as a baby i had him on soy, due to spitting up ALOT! He doesn't seem to have a reaction.

    Now my 6 yr old girl she hates the schools vit D milk & choc milk, at home she doesn't want milk unless it's in cereal or some foods i prepare.

    Would there be a reaction if their allergic to some foods?
    My little girls belly sometimes gets upset , i'm afraid she going to have my crohns problem. I have brought this subject up to other dr's but they dismissed as normal, maybe allergies , i sure hope it isn't my dog, she's my little girl too. How would i know all this stuff, unless i clean my house spotless & sparkling, alot of hard work on my part, and havingmy dog stay away for a few days.

    How would i know if it is milk? What would i replace it, when my whole family loves the food it's in too? I hope this is not a nightmare! Is there a quick miracle test they can do for them to check with out wasting all this time to remove things?? I have no clue how to .

    Oh my gosh, But i really want to check their vitimins, they use to not have dark circles even when they were 2 & 3.

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    You need to have them tested by an allergist. The test is simple. They take and put a small amount of different things on a little prickly thing. Daughter said it did not hurt at all. They tested my daughters arms. They tested her for 30 some things. They wrote #ers in ink pen on her arm then placed the stuff beside each #. If you are allergic it would get a red welt. They can tell how allergic by how red and big the welt is. My daughter lite up like a Christmas tree. If you don't show much on the arms they will do your back. The numb the whole area with a patch so they won't feel that either. My daughter only had to do the arms.

    She has a lot of food and seasonal alergies. We do creative food ideas for her its not that bad just part of life. You will just be happy to have healthy kids again.

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    Yes, have them tested plus I love the Organic Valley Lactose free milk. It tastes really good not at all like the commercial brands. A friend of mine takes the lactose pills and they work for her but I don't know about kids. I have gone on the lactose free as I have reflux and I feel that my stomach is a lot better on this. I occasionally have a little icecream, but guess what BREYERS which is really good icecream does a locatose free one now, which I get. You could try seeing how they do using the good tasting lactose free for a week or two, and I mean the good tasting as the other stuff tastes horrible, as you may find that other foods have whey rather than milk in. I agree re the soy, it is very hard to digest and I actually think that feeding it to babies may have links to ADHD and autism rather than "the usual suspects". Milk will swell in the gut and cause a feeling of fullness and soreness. I have also noticed that my own dark circles are almost gone on the lactose free. Some children have a problem with textures of food also. Would they be keen to cook some of their own foods with you or make shakes? Shakes made with healthy ingredients taste yummy and can be excellent way of providing nutrition along with some raw foods like apples and carrots.

    It also could be that your kids are just picky eaters too, but with the tummy problems, I suspect allergy-may extend to wheat also. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Love Anne

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