Calling Orachel - Are You Out There?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rileyearl, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Rachel,

    I just read the post about what your doc did with the insurance company. Wow! What is wrong with him? Doesn't he like smart girls?

    It sounds like a way for him to get out of saying he's clueless about how to treat you. This way, he's cured you!

    He's also announced that he's a lunatic to the whole world. (This board is the whole world, isn't it? It's mine, anyway.)

    I hope I haven't missed another post about it, but what I was going to suggest is that you fling the heaviest attorney you can find at him. And have the big guy hold the doc down while he writes the insurance company a letter retracting his previous release to work notice.

    A whacked out doc is all you needed. Some years life is such a roller coaster. You just get over one blow and another one catches you from your blind side. This last year it's been one health thing after another for me, with the whole sequence ending in my quiet fibromyalgia turning into a painful nightmare.

    I've had other years where it was family members who set off the chain of stressors and still others where I just went crazy and married exactly the wrong man (not the current Mr. Francie), not to mention his criminal teenage sons.

    And then come the years with so much poetry and creativity coming that you think you might keel over from joy.

    So, let's hold out for the poetry years, shall we? They are coming right up.


  2. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I'm here, but must be brief as time for prayer group. Yep, that's 2 wacky docs for me in about 3 weeks...sheesh. What ya gonna do, you know? LOL I've got a consultation with an attorney right before the emergency appt I scheduled with Yahoo dr. #2....He's doing something for my pain, or sending me somewhere else, or something. Quite frankly, I think unum harrased doc so much he finally said I could work part time just to get rid of them.

    I just saw him a few weeks ago, and it was like....sheesh...nothings working for you? You seem to be getting worse! No work for you! this.

    Ok to ask the Big Guy (or GAL) for some help for all those who need it. Who'd have ever thunk this DD would lead me to prayer?! I guess thats a good thing.

    TT you soon!

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