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    Hope you're ok today. Maybe you need to sleep the day away because of all the weekend stuff?

    I've been having a few issues with fm or insanity or something today. Not worth talking about. I get so bored talking about my illness so much.

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    You? If so, haven't run into them yet. I had incredible day today...just amazing and I'm trilled. We all need one desperately to go our way once in a while! Will share all excited to tell you some stuff I'm really excited about (meds, ideas, etc)

    (email information removed per rules)

    And of course I'll check out your store soon....very very interested in what you're up to...might even have a few things you'd like to sell (if you do consignment, that is). Mostly vintage jewelry type things....

    Will talk soon!

    Plus, wanna share a site with you once we can talk one on one I just discovered...FREE VINTAGE-ESQU PAPER TOYS FOR CHILDREN TO MAKE...they are so flipping cool. I wanna make them all, and am interested to get your take on the site...very very interesting artist who does it (can't remember her name) but she does this all as a free service, though she does offer some larger products if you wanna buy. Your son will love it!! My boys just made snazzy paper airplanes, and we're working on some sort of a Train engine next. These are all in 3 dimensions, as they're cutting and folding. Basically, we're talking origami except making chilrens fairytale inspired toys. Isn't that amazing?! I'd love to be able to do something THAT generous within my limitations right now....but my juices are definitely flowing creatively.

    Weird question I'll leave you with for food for thought...

    Did you ever realize/consider/or wonder if your terrible brain fog (on days it is bad, clearly) is one aspect of a 2sided side effect? I cannot imagine ANY OTHER REASON, aside from basic epiphany that i cannot afford to be a negative nelly for feel soory for myself thru this, and the amazing support I've gotten here, of course.

    But I'm noticing I kind of backward brain fog too....maybe its just me...but I'm not on any pills that could possibley be making me this weirdly serene over the last few days.Accepting, willing to bend to change my life for the btr, and just this REALLY COMMON thing where I keep having these WILD OUTLANDISH and just fascination (and some are even possible, if I work out the details) flashes of inspiration. They're hitting me like literally coming from outside, and I've never ever had anything like this happen before! I was a creative kid, and so forth, but since my adulthood maybe really came up with one really good idea for anything (business/project/way to contribute to the world), and they were usually so bad as to be immediately dismissed. Am I nuts here? Do you ever notice FLASHES of amazing inspiration, if that is atypical of you normally? Do you think its possible that this is the "flipside" of brain fog? Is it so wild to hypothesize that since humans use such portion of their brains, perhaps somehow the short term memory areas are compromised, but somehow some creative/inspired area gets stimulated? I sound like a total loon...but lemme tell you this is totally wild....and never had it before,, and there aren't enough meds in the world to make me feel this "sure" of things I can get accomplished...isn't that wild? Non physical things, but still! Hmmmm.... Will continue to ponder, but interested in your take...
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    Yes, I have started thinking more creatively. I actually got a notebook out and started a journal. I used to write all the time. Even published some poetry. I have a novel all planned and first chapter written--packed away in some box somewhere. It's been years though. Hmmm. I think the timing coincides exactly with when I met my husband. No more me time. What a dope I am! I'm really enjoying the writing I do here. I love to make people laugh.

    I love it that you are feeling so alive in your mind. From what little I know about you, you have been active physically and using your analytical brain for work. And I know what kind of hours and energy goes into the pressure cooker of mortgages. I used to do something in the same kind of atmosphere at a big payroll company.

    Do you think you are so lit up and excited about things and creative because you can be? Your body is resting and who needs the analytical when you don't have a deadline? You have time to let thoughts percolate slowly and burst on the scene. I've heard this called Gifts of Loss before. Pain is secondary to this quiet excitement.

    I'm still working at least full time on my little store. I do it in 10 or 15 minute bursts, then go down again. If I take a pain pill and drink coffee before I start working, I can go for an hour or two. I'm just rolling with it now, but if I get worse, there is no way I'll be able to keep up. I need to wrap between 20 and 40 packages to send out every day. Also keep stock levels up and hunt for new things to sell. Take pictures, write listings, etc. My husband can't work and is busy taking care of Ian and the laundry. Amazing how much laundry can be generated by a family of 3. I don't know what we're going to do if the Fairy Tale Farms go down. I'm hoping to get it going well enough to hire someone to do the wrapping and mailing and heavy lifting. A girlfriend in L.A. wants me to sell her a franchise. How would that work? Wouldn't we just be competing with each other? Anyway, FTF is my creative outlet for the moment. I wish you could see this box of Anne Koplik earrings I just got in. Sparkle!

    Looking forward to your news! Oh, I saw a woman with the coolest cane a few weeks ago. I think it was blue and white or something. Fog! My memory of her and the cane was that she looked really in control of life being able to carry a cane as a fashion accessory. I wonder if she had fibro or ?? I'm just about always wrong with my romantic stories about strangers. She was probably in the Hell's Angels and hurt her leg in a bar fight. Enough!


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    peach! Looking forward to the saga!

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    Francie ....reread your last post aft another cup of coffee, and got 'inspired' LOL to send some ideas your way abt possible ways you might be able to franchise or work your buddy into your business. This is gonna be long, because I don't know how to explain these ideas without going into big detail, or you might not get the gist as I'm very foggy now. PAIN + FOG = IDEA BOMBS, seems to be the general trend for me, and I haven't figured out a way to "use" the good without crazy detail. Brain seems to be really digging the "run on sentence" factor and loving the parentheses! That's a bit disturbing for an english major. Soooo, when you want have a few mins and feel like using some of your energy to ponder possibilities re: buddy and your business, I'd print this out to reduce eye strain from computer.(Wha? Me? Talking like crazy? LOL...never!).

    BTW, when ya'll search to see if you've got any "mail" here you didn't catch or someone might be waiting for a response on, do you search for real or screen name or both? I haven't figured out most effective way to do that yet. I never know how to address to give ya'll best chance of finding schtuff.

    Amazingly cool name of business btw! Still haven't had 2 secs to check it out, but in NO WAY am i not interested and looking forward to hunting around in your "fairy" haven. It's just a big kinda combo of HUGE FLARE, LOTS OF DOCS APPTS, and REST NECESSARY couple of days.

    And finally, I've managed to get around to subject of Friends idea to frachise/get involved with your business. I've got 2 totally different ideas, but I've only set up a few corporations, and none in your state (laws differ hugely, as I'm sure you know), and they were all mortgage/financial planning in nature. Also, none were net I'm DEFINITELY not the right chiquita to give you essentials on this stuff! But I do have some experience with being in business with/alongside a friend, so I might be able to offer some "food for though" you could find helpful there. Obviously, 1st thing to do after "concept" is born is to check with someone who does have the facts, so you don't "miss the boat" on the perfect solution for you, k?

    1) Reason I'm even mentioning this possibility when you didn't even bring it up, is because based on some things you've said, seems clear that your business is kinda "your 2nd baby", and there are days when you seem a bit frustrated as to your physical limitations and how that affects your business... You may just flat out hate this idea, but I wanted to throw it out there because if situation were a good one, could take TONS of worry and stress about having to push yourself so physically to keep your business up and profitable.
    You need to think long and hard about how comfy you are with this particular friend and whether or not you trust her absolutely to even consider this route, obviously. Ie: Would she be one of the 20 or so people in your figurative "life raft" if you were stranded and had to choose? I was as careful as I knew how to be, went into business with my closest SISTER-FRIEND of 5 yrs. She was FAMILY,totally. I couldn't have been more sure if you paid me that we would be connected (as best friends) for life. We opened a business together that we'd been planning for 3 yrs. I sunk just about everything I had into it (including heart and soul, as I'm sure you know!) and worked my tushy off to make it work. Right after we opened our doors for business, She started to get weirder, and weirder. I tried talking to her, interventions of all sorts, threats finally! She ended up going from strongest most capable loving woman I knew, to a heroin shooting, any drug tooting, lying adulteress (sp?) within about 6 mos. This was about 1999 or so. I just got update on her from a mutual friend (cuz no matter how they hurt you...and cutting all ties with her literally felt like a "divorce" to still care and wish them well, right?) and the poor thing is currently living with an abusive (convicted multiple times!) drug dealer, and is selling her body (soul?) for drugs. Just walked away from 2 beautiful kids and husband. HORRIBLE and heartbreaking, totally.

    That's the worst case humanly possible kinda scenario, clearly. Not trying to scare you (though sorry...reading back it looks pretty "off putting" to say the least! LOL) but you need to be aware of the fact that if you actually somehow become partners with this person, you need lots of legal protection just to cover you and your family against the highly unlikely "what ifs" that could possibly screw up what you've worked so hard to build. As all of us here terms of life, you never can guess what you're gonna get faced with next!

    This partnership idea possibly be really mutually beneficial to both of you (if the circumstances are exactly right, of course), though....You could handle majority of the creative, site correspondence, maintenance, purchasing, accounting type of things (notice all things that won't be too stressful for your body if goodness forbid you need to really take it easy for a while). You could perhaps offer her a 30% (or whatever you decide) buyin but of course you still keep controlling interest, and you get one heck of a good contract that includes a clause that you can "buy her out" at any time in certain negative circumstances. Then she (in LA...and is that los angeles, or louisianna?) could handle and keep track of all of the actual inventory storage (if you're anything like some people I know doing great on net, you've probably had to give up part of your house or garage to keep the "product" in!), shipping and receiving stuff, plus she might be an incredible (if shes that type of person) help to you in brainstorming for improvements and ways to grow the business together. BTW...this scenario definitely won't work at all if she's dealing with same kind of stuff we are didn't mention her health condition, so I made the assumption that she's up and around and doing great.

    A good question to ask yourself is...

    "Will her initial buy-in $ (to help your fam out financially, plus conceivably add to inventory potential, make improvements to business you've been bying to do, but unable to do for financial reasons)...

    Plus the fact that you'll have someone to help you physically which is your biggest challenge now, and someone to assist with much of the overall "workload" necessary to your business...

    Plus add in the support concept and emotional benefit to YOU of a friend who is as invested as you are in the success of said business and is willing to work HARD for that success (I've been in business alone, too...and that was REALLY hard for me. You're obv doing much better with the whole "noone to bounce ideas off of" thing...or is hubby involved?)...

    Plus, might possibly be able/willing to "shoulder the load" solo for small periods of time if you need her to (God forbid! But the possibility that you're covered if you need to be might be a load off your shoulders in terms of worry)...

    Now add all that stuff together. Is all of that worth giving up some of your ownership in your "baby" AND likely to bring in EXTRA PROFITS to benefit you and your family (which should be large enough to outweigh the $ value of the % of business you're selling her. This is essential if you're looking at it purely from a "business" perspective... I was never good at that either! Emotions always factored in somehow in my business life. If you're not looking at it "all business", then its less important, but you and your fam have to be able to pay the bills obviously, or you'll be adding stress to your life (that's where I'm at! lol).

    Based on the stuff you've told me so far, possibly there are some tangible health /time restrictions that are a bother to you now (but we know will diminish greatly as you become WELL!), which will no longer be a restriction to the "volume" your business (ie: you and hubby only, right?) can handle.

    You've mentioned concern/fear abt possibly having to "shut down" for health reasons...Taking in THE RIGHT partner could alleviate some of those concerns, and perhaps be a HUGE weight off your shoulders. The right partner (even one across the country...that's pretty cool actually!)can make working long hours and pouring effort into your business much more fun, I'd think. That's something only you can know.

    Finally, if you say BRING IT ON! GREAT PARTER POTENTIAL IN THIS FRIEND! CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED! to that whole shebang, remeber that you always have to acknowledge the slight possibility that it won't work out as you hoped. I seriously sat down and wrote list after list of pros and cons for months before going into business with my old partner (and we were two peas in a pod for 5 years before that), and sometimes you still get dragged thru the karmic mud. Nature of life, I guess and must be accepted. Reason I wrote you a dang manual on this possible idea is knowing the teensy bit I do about your work that you've shared with me, I think it could be really helpful to you in a lot of ways, plus really help in 'simplifying' your life. That's absolutely essential for me. Even when (PRAYING its 'when' and not 'if')I'm strong enough to go back to work, I'm gonna have to set up some limits, bigtime, and really practice 'not sweating the small stuff' so I can limit stress in my. Don't know if this is a concern for you, though. And we've never met and I don't know much at all abt your specific situation w/ this friend, so this may all be a horrible idea for YOUR needs. Just kinda wanted to get the idea out there to you because I know theres some amazing stuff about having "people we love" in our professional lives, but there can be risks too!

    2) Franchise idea...I do have a super close friend of hubby and I who's pretty darn busy as he just started law school....his engineering masters wasn't enough for him! (what a showoff! LOL). He did just buy a few Jackson Hewitt (tax prep place) franchises last year to support him financially thru law school. He's a pretty darn smart cookie (my husband is no slouch in intelligence dept, imo...and he refers to this guy as "the single smartest person I've ever come in contact with". LOL). So if you get to the point where you need some advice (and gratis advice is always better when money is tight!) on franchises in general, I can see if he's willing to offer words of wisdom...and perhaps copy of standard franchise contract to give you a good idea of what's involved. He's a great guy, so I'm sure he'd have no prob whatsoever helping you out. He's a great "gifter" who's madly in love right now, so he'd probably grab some of your merchandise and get you some $ that way, too! I don't know abt you, but I know bubkus (sp?) abt franchising. One thing I can figger' just by logic is that you're 100% accurate in your question. If you set her up/sell her/allow her to have another internet bases business just like the one you worked so hard to build, you seem to be shooting yourself in the foot, profitwise!

    Only alternative I can come up with in terms of a mutually beneficial franchise thingie, is if you wanted to explore the option of her opening up a PHYSICAL presence in LA. An actual tangible store, that sells similar/same products with same overall "flair" and concept that you used for your netstore. Also, with an actual physical location, there's lots of amazing decor type things you can do to set you apart from the crowd (which is the impression I get of what you're going for, by how you talk about Fairy....). Now, that could make you a good deal more money, potentially, even if you had no "ownership" in her store. With the right franchise agreement, you'd have a say in everything from decor to advertising (because its all based on your concept). That could be really fun for you guys to do together, even if it is long distance collaboration. You'd possibly get a % of any profit she brought in if you set it up that way. Plus, if we are talking California not louisiana, when I lived in Los Angeles I was astounded at how stuff like beautiful, unique artisan crafted jewelry, handcrafted gift items etc. would sell for an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE there. Don't know if you've ever been there, but its mind boggling. I flat out wouldn't go into certain stores (and this was waaaay back when I had some pennies to rub together) because the stuff was so hard to resist in its coolness, but would max out a credit card in no time flat! Nothing like a group of people with vapid values and huge pocketbooks to spend a ton of money on ANYTHING possible, especially if its lovely and unique and all of their friends will want one and (possibly) never be able to get one exactly like it!(Not everyone in Hollyweird area by far is like this, but there does seem to be a larger than usual population of materialistic idjits to deal with, unfortunately) And also, there's just amazing cross marketing potential...she has a book of "preferred customers" right up there on the counter where clients willingly list address, email, etc to know they're gonna be the first to know abt sales, etc, and you instantly have an INTERESTED client base whos already shown they want/love your product! And people who spend money in stores they love when they're out for a day of shopping (esp w/ big city "urbanite" lifestyle) tend to also be the type to hop on their favorite stores website when they're short on time or need a gift or don't want to make the trip. I'm an Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie lover...Love going into stores to wander aimlessly and peruse, but when I really need to shop like crazy (holidays and whatnot), I prefer to take care of as much as possible on net. Just less stressful for me that way, and I know many of people in my dynamic that i've spent lots of time with are that way. Really, that could be an amazing idea for both of you, and a built in great way to support each other in business efforts. I know theres also tons of govt grants and stuff available for female buiness owners, so even if she's way shy of capital it might be an idea.

    Sooo did not mean to write a thesis there! You just got those OH SO ODDLY PLENTIFUL creative juices a flowin' with your teensy comment.

    And THANKS!!!
    You and Wamps have no idea how "WHEW!" I am to hear that I'm not the only one dealing with this somewhat beneficial but so dang weird its flipping me out side effect. RELIEVED doesn't begin to describe it! I'm still getting used to this whole "near manic" idea bombing thing. My docs' theory (after he looked at me like I was nuts as I tried to explain it to him) is that because of extreme pain levels that he and I haven't gotten under control yet, my mind is doing things and going places it usually doesn't purely as a means to "escape" funky physical issues. Also says that I'm doing so much research etc, and learning as much as I can about DD in such a short time, that its also possibly a subconscious effort to escape thinking or talking about my health probs completely. Hey, that's kinda like what you said in top post re: getting bored w/talking about DD. I guess maybe my subconscious is bored w/ it? LOL Makes sense to me, I suppose. Probably also explains that while I answer a lot of posts asking for help (desperate attempt to possibly be useful while stuck at home, i guess!), when I'm really just chatting or exchanging ideas w/someone (like you, for instance!) its all manner of schtuff on the table, and the DD is really an afterthought. That sounds healthy kindof, right?

    Plus I'm really digging the whole "differently-abled" concept of Wamps! She's so clever! Kind of a physical version of "When God shuts one door, he opens another."

    (knocking wood here)
    I really just wish it would calm down a LITTLE overall as I'm mentally verbally in nutty overdrive here. Using at least 1/2 my energy thinking, typing, and talking! Hubby's going half mad listening to me, but he's trying so hard to be supportive. I really think I'm wearing the poor dear out just making him listen to so much crapola!

    You all on these boards are getting so much verbal vomit on this site, I'm a bit surprised they're not posting an "orachel warning" on the home page yet! lol...
    I LOVE the inspiration factor but this is so utterly foreign feeling and unlike me. But hey! I was ready for SOME BENEFIT from this disease (knew there had to be some "silver lining" around here somewhere!) and I guess I found it, even if its in OVERDRIVE mode and causing me some concern. Doc swears that it'll calm down when new meds start working and pain levels become bearable, but he did say he's not had a patient tell him anything like this reaction to pain before. So, you and Wamps seeming to have a somewhat similar (but clearly less uncontrollable) reaction sometimes makes me feel a little less worried that I truly might be losing my mind here.

    I'm praying that the wild inspiration / brainstorming aspect doesn't diminish, but if I don't slow down brainwise a wee bit (plus the fog makes it even weirder), I'm worried I'm gonna pop a sprocket! Literally! Wonder Husband comes home at night and sees me slumped in chair with book of ideas scrawled all over in my lap, and a great large metal spring "boinging" out of my head! Ok, now I'm laughing at mental image of self as "Jetsons" type character. So, lemme know if I'm driving you nuts, ok? I'd sure understand it, and Lord knows we all got enough to deal with without internet buds adding more to our plate.

    I sure hope you printed this out, because otherwise, if youve managed to get this far, I may be singlehandedly responsible for frying your retinas! Sob!

    Will eventually get around to something re: yesterdays coolness, but have clearly used all time allotted for that by getting all wrapped up in your SINGLE SENTENCE of a question! My mind is a wacky thing, lemme tell ya!

    Hope you're well and happy today. And if your energy levels are still awful, i just tried some new herbal supplements stuff today that's ok with all my meds and makes me feel all bouncy. I'll post it if you want to know what's in it if you're still feeling droopy. I'm hurting, but have good energy today, so that's bigtime positive.

    Off to this psychologists office. Excited about it, but all I can say is if she's wearin' a turban and playing "yani" music, I'm fleeing for the door.


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