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    Hey friend talked to some other friends who know a LOT, and got this reply:

    ((Went from carotid blockages of 70-90% to barely visible using nattokinase and Serrapeptase over the course of a year. AMA treatments, i.e., surgery, too dangerous for my tastes.))

    Rock, personally I take Natto into a month now since my fibrinogen and homocysteine levels are elevated.....there are ways to HELP without conventional methods... I'll probably buy some serrapeptase again and take it as well......

    Looking out for you friend. jam
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    Hi Jam

    "When I'm calling you-oo-00-00." Remember Nelson and Jeanette? Poor Nelson Eddy had his
    first name last and his last name first. Didn't seem to affect his beautiful baritone though.
    I'm so old I saw him live. It was at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Celebration ca. 1957. Our
    High School Band marched in the parade.

    I am always amazed at your knowledge of alternative supplements and ways. I never heard of
    these two, but will look on the net. I certainly don't want to risk surgery. Have you seen those
    diagrams of the carrotid arteries? All intwined with nerves, muscles, tendons, bones; it's
    like the 4 way interchange only worse. Hate to think of a surgeon poking around in that maze.

    "At last I know the secret of it all."

    Tusen Takk!
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    Rock, there is probably a cure for everything that ails us if we do our work...and this is my full time job NOW....I'll do everything/anything to stay away from conventional MD's, too bad I couldn't save myself from this hip replacement....maybe I could have if I had worked more, don't know.

    Rock, did you get the Coconut Oil and Memory info that I PM'd you....many others are discussing this wonderful oil and the brain....
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    Rock, my mom absolutely loves Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald. She was the secretary of the "Nelson Eddy Fan Club" back when she was a teen in England. I must be old, too, because I saw him when I was about five years old. He was playing at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC) not too long before he died. I don't remember much about him, but I do remember the circus act that was on before his concert started. :)

    Celine Dion named her twin sons Nelson and Eddy.
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    Oh yes, I remember Nelson Eddy et al.....I didn't know Celine had twins, knew about the first child but never heard about the twins....interesting....she's had quite an interesting life with her manager husband....she's quite the enertainer.....
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    Rock, Here is some advice from around the world:

    Need to drink lots and lots of just straight filtered water. My mother in-law didn't drink water hardly ever and the home health nurse told her that it does and can cause heart attaches. Not getting enough water will thicken the blood. They should not drink coffee, tea, pop, etc. Drink ALOT of water.


    Vitamin K2 is the calcium traffic director, directing calcium away from soft tissues (includes arteries) and to bones and teeth.
    You can buy it as a supplement or you can get it from unpasteurised fermented foods. There is some in foods like organic butter and eggs.

    Rock, I just got serious about K2 with my D3 and 500mg Calcium.....
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    Here's MORE:

    Consider using
    Serrapeptase and Mukta Vati
    Which are enzymes that break up arterial plaque

    So far: Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, MORE WATER, K2 and Mukta Vati (auyravedic)

    Sounds like all great info to HELP unblock arteries....
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    Rock, I am thankful for all this info and it's because you shared your issues.....I don't want to inundate you but I do want to keep this here and refer to it for myself. Here is some info on IV Chelation which some talk about....

    ((Amen to the chelation. We have one doc who does it, located some 40 miles from where I live. He saved the life of a state senator and he now has a lot of protection in the State legislature.

    I have taken a course of 10 of the EDTA suppositories and they are very easy to do and are supposed to be the next best thing to do other than IV chelation. The oral ones are no good as they don't make it past the stomach acid. Cilantro is great for naturally chelation and can be taken in soups or salads and likely tea as well.))
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    Here is another friend's story relating to IV Chelation and inflammation and K2:

    ((Cholesterol in arteries did not use to cause heart attacks. It appears the main culprits are ‘refined’ polyunsaturated oils and calcium imbalance.

    Vitamin K2 can help, as can EDTA IV chelation, which I understand is available in the USA.
    The surgical approach is often stents, which if diet (and inflammation) is not tackled may be of short term effectiveness.

    Even EDTA IV chelation is only a short term remedy if diet and lifestyle are not tackled. (I hear the relief is enormous, however, and improvements are startling)
    My DH had a heart attack in July 2010, and stents placed at the worst sites of blockage. He has taken all of his medications in the belief that he can make the same diet and lifestyle choices without consequence.

    Per Einstein (Insanity :doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.) this is not logical.
    And although his blood is thin (too thin by his inability to stay warm and his VERY easy bruising) the deposits continue, overwhelming the stents and bypasses.

    In the short term, EDTA IV chelation could prove beneficial if your friend can find a knowledgeable and qualified practitioner. It would be useful to find out WHY his blood is so thick – up to a certain point the adjustments our bodies make (even inflammation) are in favour of our survival, but excessive inflammation and mineral imbalance can adversely affect outcomes. The more recent the introduction of a food (eg GMO, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, artificial flavours and colours) the more likely it is to increase inflammation.

    I do not do all the right things, and my health has been affected. That said, I have surprised my neurologist with how little my MS has progressed over the past 6 years. No new scarring sites on my spine. I am taking K2 – probably nowhere near enough – in the knowledge that it helps combat the inflammation.))
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    Hi Jam

    Never heard of vitamin K2. Sounds like a mountain in the Himalayas. I remember 30 or 40 years ago vitamin K was a new discovery. Had to do with blood clotting. Now I see it has been divided into K1 and K2. Will have to read and reread a lot of this stuff.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Next I'm going to read about nattokinase and Serrapeptase.Never heard of those either. What do you mean by "filtered water". Bottled water from the grocery store? Or a filter at the kitchen sink?

    Anyhoo, thanks for all the info.

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    Now, here is another "remedy/cure"....and remember these are NOT doctors, folks who work in holistic healing and many have done protocols themselves....for me, it's all about prevention, I don't know if my arteries are blocked but the older one gets, the more chances of this happening.....I do take upwards of 5000 Vit C per day usually and do take Natto and will add serrapeptase to my "healing"...and drinking more WATER.

    ((Vitamin C will eventually heal and clean the arteries and veins. Starting with small daily doses of 1000 mg per meal (3 times daily). Then in a couple weeks, double that dosage. Some gas may happen, but to really no concern. Keep it at 6000 mg for a couple months and then take it to 10,000 mg in divided doses over the day. As he heals the arteries and veins, the plaque will also clear. It will take time, it took a lot of time to get where he is, but it's a cure, unlike the use of stents. the 10,000 mg daily is for the rest of his life. ))
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    Rock and all reading this...the group that I advised on this issue are having a field day and offering so much is another one and lack of Vit C could really be a major culprit with the blocked arteries.....I was talking about this at bridge yesterday, we are all aging....and these ladies just don't said she will buy Vit C as she's never taken it........grrrrrrrrr I'm not talking about 500 or 1000mg here and there either....

    ((I recall reading that a lot of plaque buildup in veins and arteries is due to low levels of vit C in people in the first place. The piece I read said that the body applies a cholesterol patch to areas of the arteries where the artery walls have become thin due to a long-time low vit C intake. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people may be 'pre-scurvy' if you will, being as they do not get quite enough vit C in their daily diets.

    If memory serves, that is how the plaque deposits get there in the first place, and not from overindulgence in foods rich in omega 3 fats. Yet another smokescreen put up by the medical establishment to direct our attention away from that undeniable fact: We are what we eat, and we are a result of what we don't eat as well.

    So it seems to me that arteries loaded with plaque are that way because over decades, that person was lacking in vit C. Not enough to have bleeding gums and scurvy, but enough that his body worked overtime patching and maintaining his arterial system so that he or she would live and not die of a ruptured artery.)))

    Again, these are NOT MD's plus we would never be getting this smart info from conventional MD's.......they are all into holistic healing......jam