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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eeyoreblue02, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Stormy, I need your expertise.

    First, I want to say I hope you are feeling much better. Maybe this is more of a bump in the road than a mountain. You mentioned the yeast wasn't showing up on your tongue. I just wanted to tell you that it has never showed up on my tongue. It comes through my skin in eruptions. Years and years og being treated by a dermatologist for acne with no results were torn down when the holistic clinic said, Oh, that's yeast.

    Second, I have been taking 1200 mg of garlic every day. I started out 2x day and cut back to 1x a day at your advice. Now, after nearly two weeks should I double the dose or get some Pau dArco? Or would you suggest Threelac now?

    Third and last, I'm trying to put better things in my body. I had been drinking 2-3 Diet Coke with Splenda every day. Wednesday I had only one and have had none since. I haev had a terrible headache for about 15 hours now. Very similar to a migraine, but I'm not sure that is what it is. Do you think this could be a sort of withdrawal?

    Thanks in advance. You're the greatest.

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    You are a wealth of information. I would love to sit down across the table and talk to you one day. You're the best.

    I will be getting some milk thistle and dandelion. If I can clear up my skin that would be great. I have had this problem off and on for 20+ years.

    I will be following your suggestions with the garlic and PaudArco to the T. I don't have any Threelac and have never used it. I will be getting some soon. It is a bit pricy compared to the others, but it would be so worth it. I cannot imagine there is a price we could ever put on our health.

    My headache has finally started to ease up. I had taken some Ibuprofen just before I wrote to you. I try not to take so many pain medications and hope to be at least complete free from them in the future.

    I'm staying away from the Splenda. I am still drinking coffee with caffeine, but I am cutting back. I'm afraid to take away everything at once because I might get discouraged.

    You're great. I hope you continue to improve and if there truly is a "cure" out there I know you will be the one to find it. We may be seeing you in the national news one day.

    Thanks so much,

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    told me that artificial sweeteners are terrible for your body and Splenda is the worse one. She said that a diabetic is better off using a small amount of real sugar instead of artificial sweetener. Of course, she recommends getting your sweets from natural sources such as fruit and maybe a bit of honey.

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