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    Hey Girlee!
    Well, back to reality for me. I came back to work last week. Busy as heck. I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation. I really just locked myself up with my little dogs and shut down for the last few months. I don't think I realized how burned out I've been. Days that I could not even get myself into the shower.

    Now, back into the working world I'm realizing that I'm not going to be able to keep up the pace for much longer. I go back in for another MRI in 3 months to see if the syrinx (cyst) in my spinal cord is growing or not, and other than that he wants to do some shots in my lower back and see if it helps the sciatica. Eventually I'll need two more levels done on my neck but they want to leave access to the cyst for as long as possible.

    Micaela finally graduated a few weeks back. She won't have her ceremony until June. Her last semester... 4.0 !!! If she could have only done that all the way through!

    I think Helen and Dwayne are heading for a divorce. Breaks my heart. I hope she realizes how tough it is going to be on those kids. I'm really worried about all of them.

    Catch me up!! What's new in your world?

    Love ya much!
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    Just replied to the other post and then saw this one...dang girl I've missed you bigtime. Tired of talkin to

    OMG, I can't believe it about Helen and Dwayne.. those babies need their mom and dad together. All that medical stress on them both has to be taking a big toll on them... and jeez Helen can't sit still, I am in AWE of her!

    And our Wildchild... Donna we're old! Whatever will we do when our houses are empty? I've had a kid in my house at all times since 1974 thanks to that second marriage..

    Speaking of which, he is doin lousy in school. This year is just as bad as last. He hasn't been the same kid Donna since the accidents this summer. He is still bigtime into his Fire Dept but is laid off from the guitar shop, their business is slow right now. Also still working for Tom at the flower shop.

    Tj and Sara moved to the boonies but I still see them alot. I watch the baby alot too... I am Nana to her by Sara's request and that's fine by me. Tj is still Tj and getting ready to do some more jail time if he doesn't get his child support paid up. Poor Matthew doesn't get to see much of him anymore. I did get to see him the Saturday b4 Xmas... he has grown so much! I have pictures of that day too... we were all here with him and he was so happy. His mom doesn't realize how much it hurts him to be kept away from this side of the family...sigh

    Ok now I've depressed myself... I really do hate that you are back at work. How is it around there now? Did they realize how much they need the Queenie?? Who is working for you now?

    How's Joe? You need to take it easy on yourself as much as possible, jeez that's some scary surgery you had ya know.

    Ok, email me, I'll send pix
    Love ya ole buddy..
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    I know, this thing with Helen and Dwayne just has me sick to my stomuch. They were too young to have the stress and responsibility that was put on them. I knew someday the day would come that all of this would catch up with Helen. I figured it would be around 30.. she burned out. I'm so scared for those kids though. Maddy needs continuity. Jesilyn is old enough for this to really screw her up. It's just sad.

    We are old Tona.. ya realize I just turned 48? When did this happen? I already figured out what to do when Micaela moves out. Thats why I bought the little dogs! Betsy-Boo won't grow up and leave Mommy for some sweaty boy! Joe wants to breed the Chihuahua's as soon as they are old enough and I look at little Betsy and think she is TOO little to have babies! Now I understand why you were so worried when your little Pin had babies.

    I just hope Micaela doesn't move far away. When she moved in with her dad for those couple of months I felt like my heart was ripped out.

    We have to think of the positives I guess Tona. Joe always says when Micaela moves out he's running around the house naked... Now, when we were young that might have been exciting.. but two overweight old people chasing each other around the house naked just makes me laugh!

    Kris is going to be ok Tona. He's always been a great kid, he is just going through a tough period. He is going to be a good man. You just watch!

    Micaela quit working at Subway. I miss having her come over on her breaks. She went to work for In-n-Out Burger for get this... $10. an hour! Crazy good money for a fast food restaurant. Only problem is she only gets a couple of shifts a week so in the long run she is regreting making the change. She is trying to get into a CNA course in April. It is going to cost us around $700 + her books etc. Then she is hoping to move to Salinas with one of her sisters. They can get her on at the dialysis clinic doing sterilization for $14. an hour and as soon as she completes patient care training Techs are making over $20 an hour!

    It's 3 day, 12 hour shifts, so she figures she can go on to a junior college over there and get all of her requirements out of the way. I just hope she does it. I'm terrified she is going to wind up pregnet and forego her dream.

    I'm glad your getting to spend time with the baby. I'm sorry your not getting to see Mathew more.. That is so unfair to him.

    Things are really weird at work right now. They just hired a new food and beverage director and he has everybody shaking in thier boots. Our General Manager is quitting..I've never seen morale this low.

    Remember the girl that was after my job? Well, she took my place while I was out and said if she never has to step into my office again it will be too soon! This is the first time since I became Director that we didn't make our budget numbers for Thanksgiving or New Years, and our overall Christmas numbers were really low, so I think they realize that maybe I do accomplish something around here! I'm realizing now that I've really been on a marathon for years now and I won't be able to keep this up long. I mean Tona, while I was off I was seriously sleeping like 14-16 hours a day! I was so run down.

    Now it's just how long will it take till I burnout again. I've got a dinner for 260 tonight with a lot of VIP's and the Chamber of Commerce dinner for 193 tomorrow.. Both are going to be 12 hour days. The good thing is, I'm building my medical file and with all the different stuff I have going on it shouldn't be a hard fight for disability when the time comes.

    My biggest worry is the syrinx (cyst) in my spinal cord. That could paralize me if it starts to grow. I don't want to wind up in a chair for the rest of my life.

    Life is just so tough.

    Joe is having a 'medial branch neurotomy' next Thursday. They are burning the medial branch nerves that come out of the facet joints in his lumbar with a radiowave. It's supposed to buy him 6 months to a year of pain relief. They can only do one side at a time. I'm praying it is succesful. He is becoming so bitter and grumpy. I know it is his reaction to chronic pain, but dang Tona.. we hurt too!

    I finally had to change my pain meds to Darvon as I can't keep down Norco anymore, or really any of the hydrocodone or oxycodones. The darvon doesn't work nearly as well but I can keep it down.

    Well I better go before the new boss comes in and catches me playing on line!!

    Love ya much!
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    I'll catch up to this this week, been sick all week and can't even type right. As for the pictures, look at the guestbook on myspace... gina posted alot of her and the kids..

    Love you and be back soon!
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    Get well Girlee... all my love to ya!
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    not ignoring you, long week and then no power today, just came back on. Catch up this week! xoxxoo Check your myspace
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    What a rotten week, no school the last two days, snow and ice galore. I'm so sick of winter I could scream. I haven't left home all week, too dang cold out there for me!

    I can't think of anything new around here worth telling.

    How are you holding up at work? How did Joe do with his injections, has he had the other side done yet? Helen/Dwayne situation still the same?

    I started a new myspace page, long story... I'll send an invite so you can add me again...

    Ok, time for Dave to get up so better quit playin on Kris's laptop...LOL

    Miss ya xoxoox
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    Ya gotta be gettin sick and tired of all that white stuff by now!

    I'll check My-space when I get home tonight. We are blocked here at work.

    Joe had the Nuerotomy - he is worse than ever. The doc finally put him out on disability. (Thank you God!!) Soooo, he is at home making Micaela crazy now! He is going to be month to month so when he refill his scripts the doc will continue his disability until his surgery then they should
    have a more predictible return to work date, if ever..

    Oh Tona.. Yesterday I was driving over to the feedlot to drop off Joe's disability papers. Ya gotta figure it's only 3 miles from here. I go to get on the freeway onramp and had a car that missed the turn cut in front of me. He took down the sign and went right in front of me.

    I hit the brakes and missed him but my back in caught the gravel and I fishtailed back in forth before going over the embankment.

    Talk about scared. I truly thought for a moment I was going to die. I swear going over that embankment all I could think of was I wasn't going to be able to say Goodby to Micaela and Joe.. You know the thought.. Is this it? Am I going to die now?

    Anyway, my car stops about 15 feet down the embankment. I've got about another 40 feet below me to the ground and my car is leaning almost on it's side. So, I'm like ok, I'm not dead.. but I didn't know if I could get out without rolling the car.

    When I stopped shaking I called Ziba and told her to get me a guy over there now! You figure I was right across from the restaurant.

    So, the maintenance director comes running with a couple of his guys. He was awesome. He's like Ok, Donna..Take a deep breath.. Your going to be ok.. He says we are going to hang on to your car, take my hand and I'll pull you out.

    So, I'm climbing over the console almost straight up to get out of my car while they are trying to keep it from rolling.

    My car is perfect. Not a scratch. $190 to pay to have it wenched back up the embankment.

    I tell ya Tona.. How many near misses and illness etc. do we have before our number is up? We are getting older now, how many more chances do we get?

    I heard a great saying last night. "Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person..."

    sigh... Tona, gosh, will our lives ever be easy??

    Micaela is having her tonsils out on Monday.. Ugh! Looks like I'll be stocking up on icecream and jello!

    Love you much!

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    You gave me heart failure reading that message... thank God the Angels were all over your car! I know the exact feeling you described. I wrecked with Tj and Kris in 91, not far from home. Went around the curve and the car just went nuts. We went in circles and then down over an embankment and landed on our side up against a tree. Thank God for the tree, the lake was the next stop. I remember to this day thinking I would never see any of my family again. Poor Kris was under 2 and hanging upside down by the straps of his car seat.... Tj had to get stitches in his hand from trying to climb up out of the car to get us out. My hip completely bent the gear shifter to the opposite floor.

    Had a policeman in our ER room saying over and over that I had to have been speeding and he should write me a ticket. I finally got mad and said go AHEAD, I'm sitting here shaking and thanking God my boys are ok, you think a TICKET means a hoot to me???? The wrecker guy was a friend of ours and he got ahold of us in there and said the racken pinion (sp) steering broke on my car... wasn't my dang fault at all.

    Anyway, I'm so thankfull you're ok!!!

    Oh what a mess with Joe... men don't do well with pain, at least Dave doesn't. He whines over nothing. And Micaela having her tonils out.... jeez will you have a couple of days off next week to get everyone situated?? You're gonna drop again, way too much on you AGAIN.

    I have Taliah so can't hang on here. Mommy and daddy had a night to themselves last night. We're taking her for a pair of stride rites today when they come to get her. These dang kids seem to all let their babies go in just socks... well dang Donna, it's WINTER here...LOL My mom is buying the shoes, good old great nana!

    Ok, gotta run.... are you bruised up and sore? I sure was, especially that hip that bent the shifter.. no wonder I ended up with good old Arthur there...LOL

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    At least I was alone! Gosh if Micaela had been with me I would have been even more terrified. It's amazing you didn't break your hip! I tell ya, I'm really leary of loose gravel now. You know, when I told the CHP he was like, sure... theres always another car. Then he looked at the front of my car and realized it was somebody else car that took down the sign he finally believed me. Idiot.. That and he realized where I work.. They all come in here for meals.

    Tona, I'm already heading right back where I was. I'm just exhausted.. Then, when I get home, Joe is dying for company and I'm just beat. I am pretty sore, mostly my left side (the side that hit the car door..) but other than needing to double up on my muscle relaxers for a couple of days I don't think there is anything lasting from it besides the reality check that we can't take life for granted.

    I have a niece like that. Everytime she comes down she makes sure the girls are in thier worst beat up tennies with no socks because she knows I can't stand it and will go buy the girls new shoes and socks. Drives me nuts!

    I think this time will be good for Micaela and Joe in the long run. They are actually having to stay in the same room together long enough to have actual REAL conversations. They have always been so defensive with each other that it will be good for them to get to know each other on a different level.

    I only get Monday off with Micaela but between Joe and her boyfriend they should be able to take care of her while I'm working.

    I know I'm going to head right back into burnout and it's like theres not a danged thing I can do about it.

    Well, I guess I better get off this thing and go get some work done. I've been killing a little time for my set up crew to get the ballroom ready. Now I need to go play with decorating for Missy Bride. Love my bride today.. She is like a sorority (sp?) girl right out of the movies, but so gentle and sweet I really hope everything is perfect for her!

    Enjoy the baby..

    Love ya much

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    Sendin up prayers for the wild child today... update me when you can so I know she's ok!

  12. dononagin

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    I was up all night with Micaela... poor baby can do nothing but cry. Her tonsils were so big he had caurtirize (sp?)& stitch too.

    The bad thing is it's going to get worse before it gets better. Doc said day 4 & 5 will be the worse as the swelling increases.

    Joe and Donnie are both home taking care of her today.

    I'm sick as a dog and working today. My immune system is already crashing.

    Jaden (Helen's 3 year old) broke her arm right above the elbow on Sunday. She just fell on the grass but that's all it took! Anyway, she is going to the ortho today for her little cast.. Always something~

    I'm so freaking tired I am barely functional today!

    Love ya
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    My gosh Donna, poor Micaela, poor jaden... what next??? We're like a friggin soap opera.. we couldn't even make all this crap up!

    Dave is home today, day off, so we went out to the boonies and steam cleaned Tj and Sara's house... she is having custody issue with her son's dad so there is a mediator on the case now and they'll be out to the house next week so she's on a cleaning frenzy. Today was the only day Dave could get out there.

    It's freezing cold here and windy and we're out of burnable wood... grrrrrrrrr I hate winter and can't take much more!

    Tell the wild child I'm sure thinking about her and I'm sendin up prayers for you...keep documenting everything Queenie cuz it aint gonna be long til you're going to have to call it quits... Love ya and I'll tune in for tomorrows episode....
  14. tonakay

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    Hope you're ok missy..... xoxoxox
  15. dononagin

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    Your right Tona.. we are a soap opera! So.. it gets worse. Helen left Dewayne yesterday morning.. then finds out yesterday afternoon that Jaden has to have a pin put in her elbow.. surgery TODAY- So, now, her and Dewayne can't be in the same room without fighting, she is totally outnumbered but she has to be there to take care of Jaden. Lord what a mess!

    I just got back from my GI doc. results from my last colonoscopy. He tells me my biopsy was negative for cancer.. What biopsy?? They didn't tell me they did a biopsy! I guess he snared a polyp.. but it is benign thank goodness!

    Diviriticulosis is getting much worse and it is all in one area of my colon. He is thinking possible scleroderma. He is going to write a report to my doc and my rhumy. I guess systemic sclero can harden your internal organs (especially your colon), not just your skin, and with my autoimmune problems, raynaulds and skin morpheas he wants them to retest my ANA, etc. Though my ANA has been tested at least 8 times now!

    Hope Sara and TJ do ok with the mediator.. gosh I hate that.

    I'm visuallizing you and Kris burning the furniture to stay warm... Not a good time to be running out of wood! It's just rainy yucky here.. supposed to have an outdoor wedding this weekend but there is a 90% chance of rain so we are bringing it in.

    Tona... dang, is it ever going to get easy for us??

    Love ya..
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    I was hoping Helen and Dewayne could work things out, think maybe with some time apart they might decide they love each other after all? Guess it won't hurt to pray for it. I don't know how she thinks she'll going to handle all the kids needs on her own and still be left standing!

    Heck I didn't even know you had a colonoscopy done. None of this sounds like good news. Did you get a report for disability file from that doctor?? You ought to be able to get disability from stress alone!!

    Micaela and Joe doing ok? Both are still alive?

    We had some wood down at the barn that we thought was too wet to burn but Dave went down and chopped it into small pieces and it's burning that way. We are in another storm now... started last evening and goes through tonight so looks like Mr. Kris will be home with mama again today. I can't get anything done. The floors look awful upstairs because I'm not mopping any of them til this snow and crap is all gone because everytime one of us takes the dogs out all of us track snow/slush/dirt all over the floor and dog prints galore. That durn groundhog said an early Spring, he needs his butt shot and thrown in a stew somewhere...LOL Mom says it's supposed to be 80 in Green Valley by Sunday, she text me the other day and said she had the day off and was laying in the sun, I said WHO CARES! LOL

    Tj and Sara seem to get along good but Tonya and Cindi are fighting... jeez always one of them going at it. Gina is mad at me so I don't hear from her and Kacey is on the road, think he's in Texas right now. One big happy family! No wonder I'm always up by 2 am...

    Log onto your Myspace and add me again, I'll send you another invite in case the first one got lost. I'll check in later today to see if you had time to update me today for a Friday cliffhanger......

    love ya much!

    ok, just check and you added me again so scratch that sentence! xoxox
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    So, if things were not bad enough... Jaden's little outpatient surgery that was supposed to take 45 minutes.. turned into almost a 5 hour ordeal. Once they got her open, they couldn't do the procedure as they thought.

    They put 3 pins in that child. One right through her tricep. She will have to have a second operation to remove that one in a month.

    Her elbow, the doctor said looked like a high impact injury not a little girl falling on the grass. This is also Jaden's second broken bone. She broke her wrist when she was two.

    They are sending her to a genetisist. They think she may have brittle bone disease.. (there is another name for it, I just don't know it yet. One of her cousins on her dad's side was diagnosed with it a few months back.

    So, then, she is coming out of recovery and scratches her eye with the oxygen sensor taped to her finger. Scratched the cornea and can not see out of that eye. So, by now, the outpatient surgical place is closing and they tell Helen to take her to Emergency! What the ?? Finally the anethesiologist is located, he used to do emergency med and he patched her eye and gave them antibodics.

    She is seeing another specialist for her eye this morning.

    We can't take much more.. I'm tellin ya!

    If Helen gets through all of this, on top of her seperation without having a nervous breakdown it will be a miracle.

    I'll be back later.. got a former Nebraska Govenor in house this morning!

    LOVE YA!
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    Poor little Jaden! I've heard of that brittle bone desease but I don't know what it's called either. I bet Helen is just beside herself and you too.... it never ends. Have you talked to Helen today to see how she is, I hope that little eye heals good.

    I have Taliah here, she spent the night with nana and we had a good time. She slept all night, not a peep out of her to her parents chagrin!! That's why they brought her ink, she hadn't slept in two days giving them heck and they wanted some sleep... go figure LOL

    If you get a minute check my page and and go into my pictures under the grankiddies.... the last two pictures we did yesterday and you'll get a laugh out of them.

    Ok have to get busy, I'll try to check in later and see how Jaden is doing. Hope you're hanging in there and how is Micaela? Love you xoxox
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    Well.. Jaden can see. She has to keep the patch on for a week and drops every couple of hours. But the doc doesn't think she did any permenant damage. She is in a lot of pain from her elbow. They are giving her liquid Codiene but she still is just miserable.

    Micaela drove up yesterday to help Helen for the weekend and she has pretty much made herself Jaden's personal nurse. Micaela called last night and was just exhausted. She is still not feeling all that great and Jaden doesn't want any one but her.

    Joe and I are heading up tonight if I'm not too wiped out from the wedding. Otherwise we will go in the morning. I just need to see them. This phone stuff doesn't make it sometimes.

    I'm so glad your getting time with Taliah. I wish my babies were closer. Enjoy her while shes little.. they grow up fast!

    We are going to try and do an outside wedding today with a 60% chance of rain. I've got the ceremony set up outside but an isle in the ballroom in case we have to come in last minute. The group today is a bunch of young cops.. lots of testostorone and attitude.. I hope they behave once they start drinking!

    Hope you have a great weekend.. I wish I could sleep through mine!!

  20. tonakay

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    Micaela is such a good kid and I bet Helen is so relieved to have some help, I know I would be. How far is it for you to get there? I hope you're able to go but after setting up for one wedding that could turn into two because of the rain you're gonna be wiped out for sure.

    They picked up Taliah and went to my ex husbands house to see Matthew. Hope they were home, they are supposed to be. Lauren made it that Tj can only see Matthew at Terry's house on Saturdays from 8-5... Tj said the judge at the time even asked about the 'other' grandparents house and Lauren said no, only Terry's house. Witch....

    Poor little Jaden, makes me hurt just thinking about it but boy am I relieved about her eye! God is good... now if he can just lead Helen and Dwayne back to each other it would be really good.

    Back to the dryer, just playin with laptop while kris isn't looking LOL LOL LOL

    Love ya!

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