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    Hi, there!

    I,m very curious as to what happened at your doc's appointment.

    Did he do the bloodtests and have you received the results and did you test positive? Could your doc contact Dr Jadin?

    Please tell me!!

    I felt GREAT when I used the antibiotics but I completed the 7 day course on Wednesday. From Thursday I started to feel horrible. Had chills, sweats, aches and felt VERY tired.

    So I phoned my doc yesterday (Saterday) and he explained to me because I have 3 out of the 4 strains of Rickettsia that my infections is very bad / serious and that the bacteria are "fighting back to survive". He put me on another course but this time on Tetralysal and Flagyl. Again Omez, Inteflora and Megadoxa (Vit. B-complex)

    Still feel bad but I only started it yesterday so I will wait and see but I have the fullest confidence in my doctor.

    Hope you have some good news!!


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