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  1. caroleye

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    Just got out of the hospital, and am on a soft food diet.

    Stomach gets upset with everything, so that's being treated. Meanwhile I'm wondering what supplements other vegs take to help with their energy.

    I'm doing Hemp Protein Powder but still really weak. Am sure I need "time", but maybe someone has a suggestion I can use to give me a boost.

    Thanks & LIGHT************carole
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    Mitochondria fuel is a good thing to try. You can look at the post called "heart disease secondary to mitochondrial malfunction" to get the whole story. The mitochondria (cell engines) need fuel and to have their waste removed to function properly. They need:

    acetly l carnitine

    Make sure you're getting malic acid, it's in apples. This will make sure you aren't resorting to anaerobic metabolism which is an inefficient way of making energy and causes lactic acid buildup.

    These are the "roots" of energy, they should certainly help.

    I'm assuming you take enzymes to help with digestion, right?

    good luck!

  3. caroleye

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    In the past, I took all you suggested, except the first one, but having Lupus, they all overstimulated me, and worsened by symptoms.

    But now that I'm on Protonix, I'll eventually be able to get back to some; especially L-carnitine, as I came up deficient on that one.

    I just went and had a B12 shot since I can't take B's orally, and a tiny bit of human grade cortisone hormone. Those two boosted me enough to feel like I wasn't totally out of it.

    Today, I'm starting on Kid's Multiples, so I don't get too much til my stomach is ready.

    Appreciate your input.................carole
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    I had a hard time with my stomach, too, early this year. I ordered Teitelbaum's Daily Energy Enfusion because he said it will make you feel better within 3 weeks and he was right. It is basic nutrition: vitamins, minerals and amino acids in easily absorbable forms.

    He says one scoop a day and if you can't do a whole scoop, then break it up and do it throughout the day. So I was doing about 1/8 scoop every hour or so in a little bit of water and that way I could handle it. Even 1/4 scoop got to me, sometimes. I couldn't hardly eat so this stuff really saved me. I probably should have suggested it first.

    So I was giving my body the basic stuff it needed and then it could repair itself without having to do the extra work of getting nutrients out of the food I was eating. That is really hard for a sick body to do. The stomach and pancreas have to break it down first, properly, and then the liver has to process everything, including converting the vitamins into usable forms, and this takes energy, too.

    In case you didn't know already, Teitelbaum is a doctor who had cfs while he was in medical school so he really knew what he was doing when he selected the nutrients for this powder. I still take it everyday, can't live without it.

    good luck

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    Vegetarians MUST take l-carnitine. It is synthetic as a supplement because it can only be found in meat sources, and is essential to heart function and mitochondrial function (IE: energy levels.)

    CFS 6 1/2 years -- 25 years old
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    You may want to have your allergies tested. I found that my allergic reactions to foods were really causing alot of my stomach problems.

    Along with the standard skin testing regime, I also took small samples of some foods that are not common to the standars allergy testing format (like quinoia).

    I asked the nurse practitioner to test me for these "vegetarian" foods. that way I knew what foods I can tollerate and what foods I can't.

    I am extremely allergic to hemp in any form. I can only use brown rice protein powder for my smoothies.