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    HI there I am just checkin in to see how your appointment went the other day- you didnt post so I hope it went ok. Did you get help and what you were gonna ask for???
    I hope your ok. Dont be discouraged if it didnt go well, just go to plan

    Bette droop
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    Gosh, I'm sorry, I just saw your post to me. This is the first time someone has done that, I feel special!!

    Well, I went to my appt. And, I went armed. I brought with me my FM book, printed speech of Dr. Brookoff (sp), (he was in Memphis, where I live),I had lists of the medicines I was taking, and the OTC ones, and dates and times of the Dr's I had seen so far.

    So, when I met him, I was impressed. He is the first Dr. that actually spent time asking me questions and listening to me. I was SURE to tell him how my pain had doubled, and is now severe. I even told him how it was on a scale of 1-10. Well, he had blood drawn for tests etc.

    At, the end of my visit, he tells me how he is going to treat this. He gave me a prescription for Lycra and told me to excercise and THAT WAS IT!! I asked him if I could have some type of pain medication and he really didn't say anything, just gave me a blank stare. At this point, I strated crying. I said "so if I'm at home, and I get in alot of pain, I'm just gonna have to suffer thru it?" Again, he just looked at me. He was very adamant. By the look on his face, I didn't dare ask for a referral to a pain clinic.

    He could of ATLEAST given me a RX for Tramodal or Ultram. It's taken me so long to respond, because I have been pretty much devistated for 2 days. I don't have any insurance, I can't afford to go to another doctor. In the past Dr's have given me pain medicine for a headache or a jammed finger. But, because I don't look sick, I don't get treated properly!!

    Sorry this post is so long. I have been crying for 2 days. I'm finally starting to get my head on 'straight' again. Thank you so much for asking, I know you got an ear-full. This was one of the worst experiences of my life!!
  3. shan1078

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