came out of surgery with terrible tremors-anyone experience this?

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  1. Lau

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    I had a myomectomey sp? and ablation to remove fibroid tumors on Monday. It was an out-patient procedure, and I did not have any complications so far other than after coming out of anesthesia. I was suddendly awakened by servere pain/cramping and my whole body was visably shaking all over. I have not had much experience with surgeries and never had this happen. The nurse seemed very concerned and gave me a shot in my butt, and an injection through the IV and a warm-air blanket. It calmed down after 10-15 minutes. Anyone know about what was happening and what they might have given me? I kept asking for my husband, but didn't see him until I was better and they moved me to another recovery area. I wanted him to know what was going on, as I was obviously not thinking clearly-plus I was scared!

    The operating recovery nurse was very kind and said something to the effect of 'they don't understand what happens in chronic pain cases'. She has MS and seemed to know what was happening.

    I'm thankful to be home now, but am worried how long it will take to 'recover' and if I can avoid a giant flare up.

    Thanks for being there and listening. Wishing you all better days.

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    Hey, I just had to reply to this email because I have had a similar reaction after surgery. I also have had many surgeries and never had a problem until the last one! In 2006 I had a cervical discectomy and bonespur removal surgery and woke up in a bad state. I remember first waking up gasping for air, in a lot of pain and freezing to death! The nurse put me on oxygen right away and also gave me a shot for pain.

    I felt very disoriented and scared. The nurse said, oh it's just the anesthesia, it happens all the time and I said, I have had like 8 surgeries and have never had this happen to me. She also put a warm blanket on me and then left me alone for a while, then I started feeling really nauseous and called her back. She gave me juice and crackers and said, this will make you feel better! Let me tell you, I will NEVER go to that hospital again for surgery as it scared the living daylights out of me!

    I know that everyone experiences different side effects from anesthesia because I have talked to many people about this. I have never heard anyone tell me they had an experience like I had! Maybe it has something to do with not getting enough pain meds before surgery or not getting any immediatly after surgery because of the fibro pain? I don't know, I just know that I never want to go through it again. The only good part was that my recovery was pretty fast considering the surgery was about 3 hours long! Since you had outpatient surgery maybe you will recover quickly! I hope so. I bet you will get many more replies with similar situations since a LOT of us have had multiple surgeries!

    Hope you recoop fast and are feeling better soon. Keep us posted.

    Good health and fast healing to you, Julie :)
  3. Lau

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    Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling that others would have had simular experiences thanks to this DD. Maybe it was just that every nerve ending and pain receptor? was firing and the surgery on top of that is just to much of a shock to our system.

    I am doing OK with the pain-some cramping and back pain, but the weakness and fatigue is off the charts. I can ony sit up for a short amount of time.

    Just before the surgery I had been pushing myself way beyond my limits, so I'm sure that was not ideal. Of course I had to clean the whole house, wash & iron and garden before I could 'rest' after surgery.

    I can only hope that one day soon we will here of some amazing treatment or cure without horriffic side effects and also the understanding and support of medical professionals, family and friends.

    I am thankful for people like you that I can talk to.
    My best wishes - Laurie

  4. Janalynn

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    Hi -
    My Mom had the same thing happen only her tremors lasted for a day or more. She doesn't have Fibro, but she couldn't wake up from anesthesia either. Weird.

    Dr.'s said they didn't know if this was the way she would be. WHAT? Never had any tremors before, now her whole body was literally in full body tremors. We'd lay over her legs (gently) to hold her still.
  5. earthdog2000

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    Dear Laurie,

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, had a very busy day! Glad to hear back from you and happy to hear you are doing OKAY. It's expected to feel the way you do today esp. since you overdid it before surgery! I did the same thing before each surgery even with help from my hubby and still felt really sick and tired! Not a good idea before surgery but I think we all do that even with fibro and or CFS. We push ourselves so we can "rest" after surgery like you said, lol!

    I think that you are right about the nerve endings and pain receptors misfiring in our brains during and after any surgery. I do however believe that the anesthetics they give and pain meds that those of us with all of these DD's get that it is too much for our systems!
    I also hope and pray every day that there will be a treatment or cure someday soon. Noone should have to suffer this way. I do try to keep a positive outlook on life and know that there are bad days and good days and I live for the good!

    What I try to do each night is read my inspirational books, journal, pray or just meditate a little before bed. Those things do help me sleep better most nights and when I don't do any of them I can sure tell that because I feel less positive! I am always here for you any time you just want to "vent" or "talk"! I just love this message board as it is a very healthy, informative board and the ppl here are so supportive and caring!

    Faith, Peace and Healing, Julie :)
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    I had this happen once as well so for my second surgery I made sure to mention this to the anesthesiologist and whatever he did it all worked out much better with no tremors.
  7. MsBrandywine

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    I have gotten them not from that but from when I have had to go to the Er by ambulance a few times and in the Er. I figured it was from the shock our bodies go thru?
    I am glad that You are feeling better from it.. Im sorry that You had to go thru it.. I thought too perhaps from anxiety on my part..
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    I've had this too, about half the time after surgery. I will not take any kind of pre-anesthesia drugs like Versed because this increases the chance I'll get paradoxical tremors.

    I take a long time to come out of general anesthesia and the nurses get impatient to get me out of post-op (sigh) either because they want to close down an outpatient day surgery center, or they need the bed. I do wish people would be more understanding!