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    I was doing some research online and I found a great campaign that started this last Spring to educate U.S. society and increase funding to find treatments and causes of many chronic pain conditions that predominantly affect women.

    There is an intro video on the main page and a video of their launch as well:

    Also, sample letters to send your elected representatives and senators to tell them how we feel about these issues:

    The intro video might be helpful to show to people in your life to understand a bit more about chronic pain and the effects it has on our lives and the dismissive treatment we often face when dealing with medical professionals.

    Hope you all find it interesting too! This makes me want to head up a lobby day in my state and go talk to some representatives.
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    I had some trouble viewing the video since I don't have flash. In case others have similar problems, here is another link to the intro video.

    Thanks so much for this ellikers.