Can a "diet" really help FM/CFS symptoms?

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    I just started a 21 day cleanse program offered by Young and Raw. Although I'm only on day 4, I already know that I will be doing a week and then modifiying it to add some fish, turkey and gluten free side dishes. However, so far I've lost 4 pounds on this program, which I started on Monday 6/24, and I believe I am feeling better. I wonder how many days it actually takes to clean out your whole system from the "gunk" of gluten and the sensitivity antibodies of Chicken, Beef and Pork. Do I really need to do the program for 21 days?
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    When I did an elimination diet, it took 10 days before the "fog lifted" and I realized that I really felt a lot better when I eliminated all the foods I was sensitive to.

    Everyone is different though. I would try it for at least a month. It is worth it.
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    Hi Diane,
    Yes, I am new to this forum however I am in other forums but none that are linked to any products I'm using. Young and Raw is a program I found on Facebook. Here's their link: I did consult my doctor here in Atlanta before I started and his reaction was "Giggle...You know you can't have waffle fries and sausage biscuits while you are on that!LOL" I wasn't offended because he rarely jokes with me and I don't eat those things anyway;)He was just saying that I have to stick with it but I told him that I would do anything to not be sick anymore. I selected Dr. Satish Cuddapah of Better Living MD because he treats Fibromyalgia/CFS and Hypothyroidism with a Holistic Approach before introducing synthetic drugs. I was taking Cymbalta and Lyrica prior to seeking Dr. Cuddapah as my primary care physician prescribed them to me for the FM. Unfortunately, I was not happy with my primary care physician's approach to my FM treatment and my pain and fatigue was so debilitating that I decided to find a doctor that specialized in FM. Dr. Cuddapah also is experienced with treating Gastric Bypass patients and its because the Gastric Bypass that I have developed my illnesses. Because of the bypass, I don't digest what I ingest by mouth therefore Dr. Cuddapah has had to have my thyroid treatment custom compounded into a drop form for me to take under my tongue. I am also taking Hydrocortisone under my tongue, B-12 injections every 4 days and a Liquid Vitamin. He has given me ProHealth's "Healthy Joints" and "FibroSleep" which have been awesome. I certainly feel better in my joints as I have arthiritis in my knees and feet and have been sleeping good enough to dream again!

    Yes,it has been a strange road for me. Before I got to my worst which was about November/December 2012 timeframe, I was a "hit the ground running" type of person. I was going to school parttime(studying for BS in Nursing), taking care of my 90 year old grandmother (who passed away in June 2012), have custody of my 5 year old granddaughter and worked full time. By February I just could not do it anymore and went out of work on disability. I have been pretty much homebound because I've been sick and because I don't have my income right how as MetLife insurance company denied my short-termed disability claim. Because a progression of things are happening and since I'm not on official disability through my company (they have me on a Medical Leave of Absence) I am forced to return to work on July 22nd so that I can prevent my health benefits from being lost (if the short-termed disability was approved I would not have had to go back yet and actually would be on Long-termed Disability). Although I have a lawyer I don't beleive he will be able to prevent my company from cancelling my benefits so I need to return to work even though I don't feel healthy enough. So I'm not to happy with my employer whom I've given 18 years of service to!:(

    What gave me the inclination to try the 21 day cleanse was my doctor did a food intolerance test on me. Gluten showed up as my major intolerance which I've been gluten free for about 5 days now. I realize that is not very long and am going to continue to move forward on this cleanse which is not real bad other then the cost of the food. My family tried to do it with me the first day but now they will support me but will not participate. The juices are challenging by this fourth day but I only have to do one juice in the morning and then the rest of the day its meals made with fresh, raw vegetables. Some of the recipes are good and others are so so but I will do my best to keep moving forward on the program. I may modify it to add fish or turkey which are meats that I can eat but I am going to hold out as long as I can. The main thing is no gluten!!! I need to put a sign in my kitchet "Gluten Free Zone!":D
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    Hi Nanie46,
    Yes, I am going to follow yours and Diane's suggestion and continue on with the elimination program. You know I hate to use the word "diet" because if its how I need to eat the rest of my life it won't be a diet. I know for sure I will be doing the juicing daily but I won't be vegan which I don't have to be vegan (thank goodness) to eliminate my food sensitivities. I'm still left with the options of turkey and fish and my doctor said that if I clear my system of the other meats (chicken, beef, and pork) that I may be able to reintroduce them again some time later. I don't really eat the beef and pork often but I ate boneless, skinless chicken breasts about 4 times a week and I am not a major fish eating person so I really have to pay attention to how I am benefiting by this food program and be happy that I can start doing the things I was doing before AND to get the weight off of me! So far since March I've lost 16 lbs. which is very exciting for me because I went throught the Gastric Bypass to lose weight only to turn around and develop a thyroid condition that went undetected for about 8 years. My reply above gives you more details but I am definately continuing on with my food program and making the best of feeling better. :D
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    Truly work on cutting out MOST carbs and sugars....veggies and protein is what our body needs.....and some healthy fats...
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    Yes, I have eliminated all sugars except what is in the fruit on my elimination plan. It's been really challenging but not as challenging as it would be to be permanently disabled. Thank You!:D
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    Yes, I decided to keep going as I am actually able to see my ankles today and have lost a couple more pounds...I am feeling much better and believe my legs are feeling a little stronger. Another few days and I have no choice but to continue. Thanks for your support and information.:)
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    Hi Diane,
    My positive attitude comes from knowing that I am not alone and that what I am doing may hopefully be able to help someone else along the way. I am doing really well on the 21 day cleanse program. I'm on day 8 and have lost a total of 8 pounds! Now I know that the cleanse program is not designed strictly for weight loss but rather to clean your system out of impurities from processed foods so the weight loss in my opinion is a reward for sticking to it!:D
    While I've had a huge increase in energy and have felt better in the CFS arena unfortunately, not much has changed with the FM area. Last saturday (which was day 6) I felt really well and maybe a little stronger so I decided to take a test and see if doing something little like sweeping out my garage and doing some laundry (which requires going up and down stairs) would cause me the kind of pain I felt early on before my diagnosis. Sadly, I felt the pain and it seemed like it was worse then ever! So while I want to truly believe that eliminating gluten will combat my FM pain or even the symptoms period, I can see that it does not but I am still continuing because I'm not even at the half way point.
    This week, the cleanse program has removed one of the two "meals" and replaced the meal with an extra juice. The juices are tolerable but I tell you that I do not like the flavor of parsley juice and they have it in almost every juice recipe!:( I still haven't looked up the benefit of parsley so I'm hoping it has a good benefit because I think it tastes awful:eek: My family stepped out of the cleanse by the end of the first day and they think all the juices are awful but I just tell them that medicine isn't supposed to taste good!:rolleyes: My husband is on board for the evening time but I do have to admit that if you are working, the program is a little hard unless you make the juices ahead of time and even then I don't think they will taste as fresh.
    Next week, the cleanse will be all juices and I believe only one protein smoothie a day. They say that it will be the hardest week and I believe it will be if they still have parsley in those juices! ;) But I will be strong and determined and go forward so I can say that I did it. Yes! I do see that it is a good program and they suggest everyone do this program once a year. Once I'm done with the 21 days then I can go forward with my food program change which probably won't be that hard on a normal everyday level. When we go on trips or to social activities I know I will not torture myself by restricting what I eat so that is way the cleanse program also comes with a 3-day mini cleanse for those situations. Just so you know...I'm not a sales person for this program but I have been on many different eating programs over my 49 years and this one really impresses me because of the quick results. Just having the kind of energy back that I've had these last few days is motivation enough. If only the pain and the leg weakness would subside I would be very happy.
    I've decided to get an appointment with a neurologist to discuss the pain in my legs. When I sit I'm o.k. but at times I suffer lower back and shoulder/neck pain if I sit longer then 15 minutes at a time. My job function requires me to sit at a computer for 7 hours a day (breaks and lunch has alread been deducted) and the work environment is very stressful and basically a production environment. I can't get up every 16 minutes and walk around because it would impact my productivity immensly. So back to my leg pain...the worst time is standing up after I've been seated for about 15 minutes or longer. When I stand up the pain is awful and I don't dare take a step forward without standing for at least a minute because otherwise I may end up falling on the floor. While I have the pain I feel like I have no control over the movement of my legs. It's like I have to concentrate on taking a step and that is scary. Hopefully, a neurologist will have some insight to my leg pain and maybe even some relief. All I can do is hope and pray for some relief because at this time I am nervous about returning to work as long as I have it:(
    I know I can be wordy but I hope this is enough of an update for you. I enjoy sharing my experience with others simply because I'm hoping someone like me will share something that will help me. Thank you for your is very much appreciated:)
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    Hi MJ - Kudos to you for doing the cleanse, and am so glad you're seeing results already. The only thing I can suggest is to look at this article from PH:
    about high doses of thiamine helping a lot with FM pain and fatigue. It's nice to read your story --

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    yes it can, I started juicing 24 days ago, juice all day and one meal in the evening. All my fibro symptoms have vanished!! Iam detoxing, plus using the sauna. For me this is nothing more than a miracle. I have never ever experienced this form of wellness!!
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    andie - what brand and model of juicer are you using? I watched the fat sick and nearly dead video - it was extremely illuminating! And I am very glad by the way that you are doing so well!