can a human get Lyme from an infected dog?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Asatrump, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Asatrump

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    My son has 3 dogs and in doing yearly shots and blood work it showed that one tested positive for Lyme. Currently on 30 days anti biotic, not sure what comes next.

    Can a human get it from a dog?
  2. munch1958

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    Many a dog has picked up a tick from the back yard and carried it into the house. If the dog sleeps in his bed so do the ticks. It's pretty hard to keep animals off the couch too.

    Dogs have WAY better testing and get WAY more Abx pound per pound than humans. If the dog is getting treated for Lyme chances are it will make a full recovery. Most dogs go lame from Lyme and then develop some behavioral issues if not treated.

    There are many reports that handling urine from an infected animal will transmit spirochetes. If the dog was infected as a puppy it's possible transmission ocurred during potty training.

    The man who identified spirochetes in ticks accidently splashed urine from an infected rabbit and came down with a bulls-eye rash a few days later. He then tested positive for Lyme.

    I don't think there has been any documented cases of direct dog to human transmission unless the human was BIT by the Lyme infected dog. There has to be some kind of body fluid exchange involved.

    I do know of a man who was bit by an infected cat and got Bartonella and Lyme. He also pulled a tick off a "delicate area" so it's possible the tick gave him the Lyme.

    You can try a search in Pubmed and see if there are any cases. Less than 40% of people ever develop a rash from Lyme. It's very possible that your son was infected especially if he lives in an endemic state and didn't know it.

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