Can a person have FM and MS ?

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    I am beginning to wonder , as I have lesions on my cerebellum , and I am starting to get different symptoms like blurry eyes and incontinence which the doctor thinks is neurological.

    Anyone experience both ? How did you find out ?

    Thank you !

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    hi holly..i was just wondering if you have been tested for viral infections such as CMV (which can affect vision), HHV6, and EBV.

  3. I was diagnosed with fibro Oct 2000, CFS Jan 2001, and MS (depending on which doctor, neurosurgeon, neurologist's records) in 2002/2003, again in 2004, and yet AGAIN- by a 'top notch' neurologist (author of 3 books, regarding brain illness, disease, & injury- i.e. 'dive injury', traumatic brain injuries, etc stroke, ALS, fibro is mentioned in these books, btw, MS, and so on)... I flew to Florida to see that neuro, in 2005, at the referral of my integrative medicine doctor, who needed help he could not get here, in determining 'what was what' (mercury poisoning, MS, fibro, autoimmune disorders, celiac's disease, etc)..

    Anyhow, that's probably MORE details then you needed, but, yes.. I'm 31 now, and, my first MRI in 2002 showed one 7mm lesion, then it became '2 lesions' (2mm's, both- so, apparently one in the corpus callosum actually *shrunk* yay!).. and, my last MRI- Jan 2006, "showed some minor changes"... my treating neuro of 7 yrs didn't go in to further details, and I asked him what that meant... he said " well... you had those two lesions we already knew about" and I said... "yes"...

    That was it! LOL He said NOTHING else, - bout as clear as mud, huh?

    Anyhow, I've always said, i don't care what they decide to 'call it'.. I'm just as sick, whatever it is.

    I would see SOME doctor though, and if your reg. doc thinks it is neurological, he or she should have already set you up with a neuro appt. Doctors tend to just think out loud, or say things to us, that worry us, bother us, later on 'eat' at us... and do nothing more than that, they seem to have 'merely' been thinking out loud, or something.

    Incontinence can also be caused by severe Lumbar spine/disc/nerve problems, I had a friend with MS who had bowel and bladder incontinence both, but after a successful spine surgery, it was fixed, along with many other problems- she was all to eager, which worried me for her, to sign on for *cervical spine* surgery, she was so happy about her lower back surgery.

    Anyhow, you should try a neuro... and then your primary or a neuro can and/or should send you to a urologist too, if the problem is not found by a neuro exam/tests.

    Best wishes. I'm off to bed now, early morning tomorrow, and LONG day, with my pancreas procedure.
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    Many people have been diagnosed with FM and MS who later found out that the cause of all of those symptoms is the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi (lyme) and related coinfections such as babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia.

    Here is some important info for you. There is info about how MS and lyme can have the same symptoms including brain lesions... and symptom lists and lists of diagnoses that people were given when it was really Lyme........

    see pages 47-50 of the following powerpoint presentation for info re: MS vs Lyme:,_LIA.pdf

    good symptom list p 9-11 and breakdown of symptoms of different tick borne infections p 22-27 in the following paper:

    comprehensive symptom list and list of diagnoses that people were often given when it was really lyme in the back of this booklet......

    Please consider this possibility. Many people here have discovered they really had Lyme and other tick borne coinfections.

    No one should have to settle for a diagnosis that has "no known cause".

    Everything has a cause. You just have to find it.
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  5. soulight

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    I will look closely at the Lyme material . I had a weird bug bite when in Mexico ( but it was when I was 17 and I am 50 now) that I have always wondered about. It did have a bullseye type rash . Back then , nobody thought much about it . I didn't at the age of 17 !


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