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    Hi. My name is Rene'e and I am a 36 year old disabled American woman. I am preparing to undergo my second spinal surgery in three years and the doctors expect there to be more. I have Degenerative Dysc Disorder. My dyscs (3 so far) herniated and 2 so far removed. I have had a lumbar dyscectomy on 2 levels and a Lamenectomy on 3 levels. in two weeks, I wil undergo Anterior Cervical Fusion. Another dysc will be removed being replaced with cadaver bone and a titanium plate and 4 screws. Dr. mentioned that if any other dyscs should bulge or herniate in the general location c-2-6, he will have to replace it with another size. I feel completely alone at times and am wondering if anyone else out there suffers with the excruciating pain and mystery of this disease. I'm 36 years old and have been having issues with this since about mid-twenties. Please, am also suffering with bi-polarism, very depressed. Thank you for your attention. Rene'e
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    a more modern type of back disc surgery? A few weeks ago on the news I heard about disc replacements with cushioning material on each end of the disc.

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    Hi.Thank you so much for your quick reply. Yes, you are correct in assuming that there is another type of dysc replacement. I have discussed this with 2 of my 4 spinal doctors and they feel that I am not a good candidate for this type of replacement due to my spine that is in need of surgical straightening. I am very nervous about this surgery as the surgeon will enter access to my cervical spine through the anterior(front) of my neck, moving windpipe and everything else to one side to access spine.There is a chance of bleeding due to something getting nicked as it is close quarters in there, but my doctor assures me the chance of this happening is slim. By the by, can you suggest a Bipolarism support site? I'm having a hard time finding one. Therapy once a week isn't enough. I am alone alot of the time and would love to talk to others suffering this affliction.Thanking you in advance, I am Rene'e
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    Have you ever thought of going to a naturopath or a reiki practitioner?

    Maybe you should make an inquiry of the Edgar Cayce org. I think it's in Virginia Beach.

    Caroline Myss' organization is on the web. She is a alternative medicine healer. I think this may help both your problems. Good luck.

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    Hi! Thanks for the timely reply. I have had more than 2 doctors' opinions on this and we all agree that this surgery would benefit me best. While I am not against these other methods as I don't have knowledge about them, but I will look into them as they seem very interesting and I like to educate myself on the different options that I have for various illnesses. I agree with the title Yipes! as I am pretty nervous about this surgery. My doctor, having been told how nervous I am, replied" If you aren't at least a little bit nervous, than I haven't done my job." After seeing a look I gave him, he told me that this is, in fact, serious spinal surgery and that if I wasn't at least a little bit nervous, he'd wonder about me. It's interesting that you mentioned alternative medicine because I find it fascinating. Thanking you again in advance I am Rene'e