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    take blood to check to see if you have candidas. yeast

    i was told on my first visit, that i have candidas, even before any test was done, but on my second visit, i believe that he had included a blood test on the lab form for candidas.

    but in the last week i found out i have a big ulcer in my stomach, can this ulcer be what i have instead of yeast.

    Can i call my dr. for my result of the candidas finding without going to his office, or would he refuse to gave me the result over the phone. IF i go in thats 3 hundred dollars for this result, amount other things. at this time i just want to deal with consentrating on getting my ulcer heal.

    anyone has any suggestion on how to go about this problem. I DO NOT WANT TO GO INTO THE OFFICE TO KNOW IF I HAVE CANDIDAS OR NOT. is it ok to call the doctor and get the candidas result.
  2. street129

    street129 New Member

    CAN ANYONE help me with this complex situation, what would be best to do, gave 3 hundred dollars that i barely have to get the result, or call first, to hear that i must come in. so confused.
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    Alternative docs can dx candidiasis w/ or w/out bloodwork.

    At your fiirst seeing the alternative doc, did you fill out a comprehensive questionaire? Give lots of information regarding your medical history? He/she ask lots of questions? Perhaps the candidiasis dx was derived from your symptoms and history.

    Mention the candidiasis to your PCP. Perhaps he/she will prescribe Nystatin, if it is compatable w/ ulcer medication.

    You can try calling the alternative doc to get just part of the bloodwork (the candidiasis results) however, since an office visit is $300, it sounds like it is unlikely that the results will be given over the phone. I'm sure you were going to get additional bloodwork results also? The doc was then going to establish a treatment plan at your next visit? It does not hurt to try - the worse that could happen is that they say no.

    Best of luck with trying to get results, treating the candidiasis & most of all the ulcer. Feel better soon!
  4. gasolo

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    Hi Street129,
    I'm not sure of why you think you have a stomach ulcer, but here is a reasonable suggestion.
    You can buy over the counter prilosec. This is a proton pump inhibitor which reduces the acid in the stomach. It is very effective in healing ulcers with low downside. If you have ulcer symptoms, these should improve within a few days. The good news is that a doctor visit isn't necessary to obtain this drug.


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