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    hi all i was wondering if anyone could explain to me about day surgery for cervic treatment it is my daughter every time she has a smear test it comes back abnormal so she has been sent a letter to go for pre loop treatment to a day surgery clinic she has two boys and is 24y i am just a bit nerves for her has anyone heard of this i am from ireland and mybe it is called something differnt in the states i would be grateful to hear from yous maybe i am worring over nothing but you no us mums lol
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    Or, something similar. I had what is called a Leap Procedure. I had an abnormal pap smear. My doc painted my cervix with a solution and shined a type of lamp which showed him where the precancerous lesion was located.

    They gave me a local before removing the lesion and I didn't feel anything. One thing she should know is that when the cervix is invaded, it can cause dizzyness or fainting. The room may start to spin or sound may come in and out. This is normal. Also, there may be some bleeding.

    This is the reason pap smears are so important. They help point out abnormal conditions where lesions can become cancerous if not removed. Pap smears have saved many lives. My daughter had a lesion removed when she was only 17. I have never had another abnormal pap smear since having the lesion removed. Good luck to your daughter.

    Love, Mikie