can any one tell me why doctors do not belive you

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  1. mainerose

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    i talked to my doctor and explained to him that the medications do not always remove the pain. he said i had to live with it. when it is like that i can not even want to get out of bed. i had one doctor acuse me of seeking drugs!!!!!!! the doctor implied that i was a drug addict and refused to even give me my medications that i have been one for the last 6 years... why are some of use treated like this
  2. UnicornK

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    That is why so many of us are called "lazy", "slacker", "druggie", and other such nasty names.

    That is why we are promoting May 12 as CFS/FM Awareness Day. It won't do anything overnight, but hopefully it will reduce the amount of doctors (and others) that need to know more about these DD.

    Can you find another doctor who might be more sympathetic to your problems?

    God Bless.
  3. amymb74

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    are you from maine? I am & can't even find a doc to see for cfs. Hope you find a more helpful doc soon. AMY
  4. dragon06

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    Part of the problem is ignorance. Part of the problem is that FM used to be thought of as a symptom of depression. Part of the problem is that there is no actual test to "prove" we have FM.

    But I think a BIG part of the problem is that, unfortunately, there ARE "drug seekers" out there. That makes it very hard for those of us who are truly in pain. Since there is no test for FM it is sometimes used by people faking it cause they can't be immediately disputed.

    I used to work in Medical Transcription and at some point you can see the difference between people who are truly in pain and the ones just seeking drugs. Unfortunately they tend to get a few prescriptions out of the docs before they get caught. They usually get caught by trying to fill too many narc prescriptions from the same pharmacy (DUH!) and the pharmacy calls a Doctor and they realize this person is filling like 3 or 4 prescriptions at a time.

    Because of this doctors are becoming very concerned about thier licenses.

    I think there are a lot of reasons, as I listed above, for this problem and awareness is the best way to get things recognized. Tell as many people as you can.
  5. nyssagirl

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    I can really relate to what you are going through. They label you as a hypocondiriac and treat you as though you have nothing wrong, that you are only seeking drugs. I would like to see one of them battle with this stuff for a week. Maybe they would have some compassion.
  6. sues1

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    Maybe...we should ask them if they believe in God....if they say Yes..then ask.....why? You do not see him either!

    They should see through our eyes and feel what we feel......

  7. Fibrolady37

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    my darling i really really feel your pain i really do.
    Evry single person on here has had to contend with doctors & consultants telling us we are not ill its in our heads.
    All of us on here are part of 1 extremely big fibro family ok u never 4get that ok?
    We all no ur ill but they are ignorant sweetie they really are but your doctor cannot deny you meds that you need its wrong & its downrite cruel.
    Is it possible u cud take someone with u wen u go c ur doc because in my experience it always helps to hav a witness with u someone who can speak up for you if u cant.
    If ur doc still refuses you need to get yourself a new doctor my love.
    Im always here for u for venting,ranting,sharing,advice woteva u hav a true friend in me.
    Here r sum very gentle hugs 4u ((((((((((((((((.
    May god bless u & urs fibrolady37.
  8. onlythestrong

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    So they push you away or just say here take this drug or take that drug and push you out the door,That's why I don't even try anymore.
    Don't give up!
  9. Cromwell

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    and ignorance. I understand that Maine and maybe CA now have passed into law that doctors cannot not refuse pain meds. Maybe other states. It seems ridiculous to me that they get this way. If the drugs are so dangerous why are they in existence? ALSO of interest is that a very high percentage of doctors are addicted to drugs and alcohol, far higher than others in population as I read it.

    Love Anne C
  10. mainerose

    mainerose New Member

    yes, i am from maine somerset county. for know
  11. amymb74

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    which doc do you see? AMY
    I just went to a cfs/fm conference in CT & met a woman from Brewer who says she has a great fm doc in Brewer. I can get the name if its not too far for you to travel. [This Message was Edited on 05/03/2006]
  12. mainerose

    mainerose New Member

    i live in north anson.
  13. hopelessmc

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    I will have to use that one. Most MDs think they know everything about the human body. If they can't explain it than it must be in our heads or we are drug seeking. New illnesses and treatments are being developed everyday. I just hope the medical profession gets better educated within my lifetime. 21 years of pain is enough!
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  14. thirkmom

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    Last month when I saw my Dr. at the Pain Clinic, he's a neurologist, he had the gall to ask why I needed pain meds. Afterall, I wasn't working. I told him I may not be in the workforce but that doesn't mean I don't do anything and that doesn't mean I don't deserve pain relief. That comment did me in. I'm now going through the appeals process with my insurance company to be allowed to go to an out of network pain clinic.
  15. hopelessmc

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    I'm sorry that happened to you. I actually had the leading rheumatologist in my area tell me that I needed to get married so I didn't have to work or would only have to work part-time and I'd have someone to take care of me!!!! I was outraged and so were most of the rest of the people I told, but then last week I told my family MD what he said and his response was - "That probably wouldn't be such a bad idea."

    I'm a single woman with a mortgage to pay, and I certainly don't think this is the reason one should enter into a marriage. Call me crazy, but this doesn't seem like a treatment protocol to me. I should have asked him to write that down on my script. Then let the insurance company either pay for the treatment I need or find me a husband who makes a lot of money and wants to be a caretaker - YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!!!!
  16. thirkmom

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    Hey, maybe your insurance company would pay for one of those singles "fun cruises" yeah right. I'm with you. If I wasn't married I don't think I'd be looking for someone. This way you don't have anyone else you have to take care of or worry about whether you're asking too much from them. Most days it's all I can do to take care of myself. Do you know anyone that's rich that's going to die soon? That would pay the bills and you wouldn't have to worry. Much Love and Understanding. LuAnn
  17. caperkat

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    Finally after 3 years seeing this rheumywhere most of my meds come from, I walked out with an Rx for something stronger than tramadol or an antidepressant. He said since I was an establisged patient he would let me have hydrocodone for those extreme times when needed.

    I walked in there with two goals: a script for something actually for pain, as a last resort; and a parking placard, again only when really needed. I walked out with both. I am very pleased. I didn't ask questions, just assertively told him what I needed. Yay!

    I hope you can get more help than you have. I read a lot, and visit this site often. The docs are only a part of the puzzle.

  18. kaiasmom

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    I think it is really sad that anyone should ever have to be treated this way. Well, anyone who is not a drug seeker, or such. It is so hard to sit in the doctor's office, knowing you are going to have to fight for those few Vicodin you hope to get for the month. It won't be nearly enough, but you'll take anything to help with that awful pain you have all the time.

    My previous doctor had a huge ego. I think that, along with ignorance, are the largest contributing factors to the problem. She could not fix me, so she would not even admit there was anything wrong with me! I just needed to cut down on the stress in my life, get some exersize, and maybe continue increasing my anti-depressant.

    Well, when this doctor told me that her friend has fibro and she is able to function normally without pain meds, so I should be able to also (this is her medical opinion), I decided I needed to find a new doctor.

    And, it sounds like you need to do the same. Some are just much more comfortable prescribing the stronger medications than others are. Usually the doctors that are experienced with them are comfortable with them, so a pain management doctor is good if you can find one.

    Ok, well this is long enough. Take care,