Can anyone decipher these?

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  1. keltyl

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    My doc did all these tests and never talked to me about them. I don't even think they know how to decipher them.

    DRB1 * 04:01 DRB3*- DRB5*-
    DRB1 * 13:02
    DQB1 * 03 : JZMG Code Translation:
    DQB1 * 06 : MJYU AC 01/03

    Code translation: DRB4* 01: ARYE
    JZMG 02/08/18/32 DRB4*-
    MJYU 06?09/12/13/22
    Code translation:
    DRB3* 03:AC ARYE 01:01/01:02/01:03/01:03N/01:04/01:05/01:06/01:07/02:01N
  2. Nanie46

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    Sorry, I think it may be some kind of genetic testing.

    I would ask the ordering Dr to explain it. If he does not know how to decipher it, then he should find out...otherwise the testing is useless to him or you.

    Good luck!
  3. Lymehead

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    Used to work in a lab. Never have come across these.

    Have you checked the internet? I get so much info on my tests that I don't understand from the PC.

    Good Luck,
  4. munch1958

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    My doctor is always sending that link when he sends my test results. They do explain things in a way that I can understand it. I'm not familiar with any of the stuff you posted. SORRY!