Can anyone else SMELL when it's going to snow?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Could any of you ever smell snow?

    I remember as a kid being able to tell when it was going to by sniffing the air - I thought everyone could, until I mentioned to my best friend I could smell it was going to snow while we were walking home from school.

    She proclaimed that as impossible, and we were 'arguing' over it but it ended when it started to snow within 3 minutes, hehehe. I have read since that many can.

    Spome say it's just association that you can't really. But others have said it's because of ozone etc. But when turning on an ozone generator it doesn't smell the same. I did some googling and found this:

    "Some of the chemicals that can be in snow are:
    Nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, nitric acid, dimethyl sulphide and sulphate and methanesulphonate. All of these have distinctive odors and the combination is probably what you smell."
    but after that there were links to studies about the ozone layer and pollution and such. Maybe that's true, but, I suspect there's more to it than that.

    Or maybe the ozone smells differently when it's cold outside?

    LOL. I just prefer to believe that it's based on a primal sense that is more sharpened in some than others. I heard someone talk about a friend in the middle east that could smell water - certainly something adaptable in such an arid area (Kuwait).

    **Two snowmen are next to each other in a field. One says to the other, "You know, it's funny... I keep smelling carrots!"**

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I can't remember ever hearing about folks in MN talking about smelling snow. I do
    remember one could often tell when it was going to rain. I think the
    sign were grey sky and damp air.

    And lightning strikes nearby left an aroma of ozone. It's all a long,
    long time ago.

    The weather in CA and MN are so different, I sometimes feel like
    I've moved to Oz. We often have signs here that would mean rain was
    coming in MN, but here in CA it never shows up.

    Some decades ago I read a novel. The premise was that the main
    character had a super sense of smell. He could smell wet stones. He
    worked as a perfume designer. One of the goofier books I've spent
    time with.

    My mother had no sense of smell due to years of sinus trouble. Except
    every few years her smelling powers would come back. Then she'd
    run around the house sniffing her perfume, frying bacon, making coffee.
    The next morning she'd be back to no sense of smell again.

    Wasn't one of the 7 dwarfs named Sniffy?

  3. jole

    jole Member

    Well Rock, I thought I knew them all...they must have added another dwarf to the story since I last read

    Your poor mother! I've never given much thought to not having the sense of smell until you brought it up. But there's lots of them I'd, home baked desserts, the fresh outdoor smell after a rain; a few I wouldn't wet

    Victoria, you have one talented nose. It does make sense in a way that a "talented" nose might be able to smell the chemicals released. You think entirely too deep for me. Unfortunately, like me, my nose is not talented.

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