can anyone explain this

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  1. jokyspear

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    i ve had this pain for years gone to doctors in my country but they couldnt fathom what it is it good i found this site ve got this pain pain on the right side of my boby its a peperish feeling its so painful its goes through my neck shoulder fingers hips toes etc can anyone say what this is
    thank you
  2. janie056

    janie056 New Member

    where are you from and would you please fill out your bio, it would help to know a little about you.

  3. jokyspear

    jokyspear New Member

    how do i fill out the bio am new to this site
  4. Summit

    Summit New Member

    Have you been seen by a chiropractor? I would try that. Good luck hope you find relief
  5. AllWXRider

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    Is boby a breast? Is it the entire right breast?
    Does the pain travel around or happen all at once in the places you mentioned?

    Do you have diabetes? Diabetic neuropathy?
    Have you checked for toxic metals? Hair analysis?

    You can update your bio by clicking on the upper right section that says: Edit Profile.

  6. janie056

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    I was just wondering if you are still around, I would like to answer some of your questions.

  7. kjfms

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    Welcome to the board you can fill in you profile by clicking on edit profile on the top right side of the screen where is reads you are logged in :)

    You only need to fill in what you are comfortable with or nothing at all it is not mandatory that you do this in order to be a member here -- you are still welcomed.

    I am sorry I do not know why you would be having pain on the right side of your body that goes through you neck, shoulders, fingers, hips, toes, and etc.

    When you say it is kind of pepperish in feeling do you mean it is a hot type of pain?

    Perhaps if you could tell us a little more maybe someone has had the same experiences and could share with you.

    Have you considered seeing a neurologist for possible nerve impingement?

    Do you have FMS or ME?

    Again Welcome to the board and enjoy you can find a lot of information and wonderful people here willing to help.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
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