can anyone give a recommendation for a cancer doctor?

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    We're in so. calif, and DH has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He's supposed to start chemo soon and I would be interested in a doctor who treat naturally without drugs.
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    Ok, here is what I would do.....check the site of Santa Monica Homeopathic, I've gone there off and on for years for help....when my gf's brother was in cancer treatment, she went to them and asked them to put together a package of "supports" while he was going thru conventional treatments....they did this, she sent him the package and he took the supps.....he lived and is doing well.....don't know how advanced or what type cancer he was dealing with.

    I wanted to help my kids dad so much when he was in his treatment, but he was getting info from so many that I was told to just let go and let him take the info he was getting....he has 2 other brothers who deal with cancer, one still living, but one passed a while ago. I heard from grandkids that their dad even bought a sauna and used it to sweat out the toxins from chemo, as I remember he was dx'd with stage 4, your husband has a better chance to beat this I think...but lots of support is needed.

    I would also consider checking with integrative MD's like: Jennifer Sudarsky at Watson Wellness, they have a site and ask them for a referral for alternative cancer support MD.... Rachel West, D.O. in SM is another source as she is integrative as well.. Sudarsky is my MD.

    Dr. Shera Raisen in WLA is an integrative MD I've seen over my years too and she could help. I can't think of her first name., just came to me.

    Dr. Hans Gruenn in WLA is a very well known integrative MD and he could also offer info on this for you. Dr. Gruenn knows SO MUCH.

    All these doctors have sites and I would start with SM Homeopathic as to what they would recommend for supporting your husband thru this treatment. He needs to support his immune system.. that I know...

    There are SO MANY alternative supports for those in conventional treatments....the immune system needs to be supported FOR SURE.... this is where grape seed ex and pycnogenol come in to play also....check the net for cancer treatments and grape seed ex and pycnogenol support...

    So sorry for all this that you are all dealing with, it is agnozing for everyone, just went thru this last year with my former sil......nutrition is vital and I know juicing is used a lot for cancer patients...

    Any more I can help with, ask. jam
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    Sunflowergirl - Jam gave you some excellent suggestions. You might also check - a list of integrative medicine doctors in California who treat cancer.

    Also, do some research on IV vitamin C - this is what I would try if I'm ever diagnosed with cancer. There are several doctors who do this treatment and it can even be arranged so you can do it at home.

    I'm really sorry you have to go through this - we went through it last year with my sister-in-law who unfortunately was not open to any sort of alternative treatments.

    Best wishes,