Can anyone help interpret my IGeneX results?

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  1. Jupiter7

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    Hi folks. I just got my Igenex WB results and am hoping for some input.
    IgG and IgM negative for Igenex and CDC. Recommends retest in 4-6 weeks...'may indicate clinical significance.'


    18 kDa -
    22 kDa -
    **23-25 kDa IND
    28 kDa -
    30 kDa -
    **31 kDa IND
    **34 kDa -
    **39 kDa -
    **41 kDa IND
    45 kDa -
    58 kDa -
    66 kDa -
    73 kDa -
    **83-93 kDa -


    18 kDa -
    22 kDa -
    **23-25 kDa -
    28 kDa -
    30 kDa -
    **31 kDa IND
    **34 kDa -
    **39 kDa -
    **41 kDa ++
    45 kDa -
    58 kDa +
    66 kDa -
    73 kDa -
    **83-93 kDa -

    Only 3 plus signs, doesn't look too bad, right? I can't believe it's negative but they say to retest anyway. All that waiting, and every step was a hassle, because my doc's office is sooo backward...

    What do you think? Worth going to an LLMD to get an opinion? I have so many symptoms, except my onset was sudden...I had a laparoscopy for endo and all my troubles started right after and gradually worsened in the past 5 years. Although I've had constant chest pressure for many years before that. I thought maybe if I was positive it had been dormant for years, and that surgery or anesthesia made it come out of hiding.

    I used to be outdoorsy, so I thought it was all going to finally make sense.

    Thanks a lot for any help, or even just your thoughts!!!

    Take care, all!

  2. munch1958

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    My results were:

    IGM: ** 30 ++, **34 IND, ** 39 IND ** 41

    IGG: **31 IND, **39 IND, ** 41 ++ 58 ++

    Based on the revised WB criteria for Lyme disease on Dr Kent Holtorf's website, I am positive. The FFC protocol is based on the work of Dr Holtorf. He had CF and cured himself using the treatments he developed.


    1. Reflects antibody response to specific Bb antigens

    2. Different sensitivities and specificities of the bands

    3. Some bands are potentially seen in different bacteria- “nonspecific bands”

    4. Some bands are specific to spirochetes

    5. Some bands are specific to Bb

    6. Specific: 18, 23-25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 39, 58, 83 & 93

    7. Spirochetes in general: 41 (flagellum)

    8. First immune response if present is usually 41 and 23 KD bands

    9. Response to the 31 KD proteins is not usually seen for a year after initial infection


    1. IGG WB 5 of the 10 bands (18,23,28,30,39,41,45,58,66)

    2. Criteria based on early Lyme

    3. IGENEX adds 3 specific bands (31,83 and 34) and 3 non-specific bands (22,37,73)


    1. IGM WB 2 of the 3 bands 23, 39, 41

    2. IGENEX adds 3 specific bands (31,34 and 83) and 3 non-specific bands (22,37,73)


    1. IGG WB: 2 specific band criteria has demonstrated improved sensitivity and maintained specificity

    2. Can diagnosis Lyme if any one band (IgG or IgM) of 18, 23, 28, 39 or 58 kDa or if any 2 or more of the following bands are present; 30,45,41 and 93

    3. If negative or require further confirmation, can obtain IGENEX WB (adds specific bands of 31, 34 an 83, which are typically seen in chronic disease)

    4. Positive if any one band of 18, 23, 28,31,34, 39, 58 or 83

    5. If positive for Borrelia on any test, consider testing for neurotoxins

    6. Consider testing for co-infections

    7. Check for coagulation defect (See Hypercoaguable State in CFS and FM)

    Under point #2 it says Lyme can be diagnosed if any two of these bands are present. I have band 30 & 41 ++.

    Under point #4 it says that Lyme can be diagnosed if any of these one bands are present. I have band 58 ++.

    If you have band 41 positive you either have Lyme, syphilis or gum disease. Those are the only 3 spirochete based illnesses in humans.

    You may want to check out this website too:

  3. Jupiter7

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    No, not on any abx now.

    My hubby gave me a 10-15 min body massage before I went to get blood drawn. I remember reading that somewhere here.

  4. mollystwin

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    You have significant activity. I would seek out an LLMD.

    Take care,

  5. Jupiter7

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    Wow, a set of twins, and a bro & sis. That's really something.

    Mollystwin, you consider my results signif. activity? And here I was thinking it looks pretty weak, compared to other ppls results here. I'm glad for the input...

    And PJ1954 - you welcomed me as a lymie....
    do you guys think I can really be pretty confident that I'll get this dx??

    I'm so confused and grasping for some piece of mind.


    Oh yeah, LAML--that is so interesting to hear someone had such a similar experience. I'll have to look up your other posts.

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