Can anyone help me with info on permanant damage to lungs

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  1. doxygirl

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    and sinuses from mold?

    My lawyer is sending me to a specialist for the exposure to mold I inhaled for THREE years......and I was wondering if any of you work in the medical field or just know.....what tests they can or will probably do to see if I have aspergillious of the lungs or sinuses.

    My pcp already did an IEG blood test and it came back positive for allergy to mold.......from what i can see on the internet they may do an MRI or a CAT scan....????

    Thanks for anyone who may be able to help me.
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  2. doxygirl

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    I used to be a lab tech. They can do several tests to test for infections of mold or fungus. First they can do a nasal swab and send it off for a fungal culture to see if anything grows. They can also do a broncho-wash and culture that to see if anything is growing in the bronchial tubes and lungs. Third, they can draw blood and do blood cultures to see if something is growing systemically. Although MRI's and CT's may show the growth they do not identify the growth or what anti-fungal medications to use to kill it. Fungal cultures actually grow the fungus from the specimen you submit and then run tests to see exactly what it is and what drugs it is sensitive to.
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    So, you don't think my appointment will consist of being poked and poked with a lot of needles?

    What is a bronchial wash? Can you explain that to me?

    Iam so nervous of this visit.....I am trying to prepare myself for the worst and hoping for the best.....Iam so worried that there is permanant damage and from what I have read it can be fatal?????

    I hope you don't mind one more your experiences.......what were some of the results of mold testing you did?

    thanks so much for helping me ........I need some comfort right now....even if the news is least now Iam going to get the answers.....

  5. Mousie929

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    I don't mind helping you at all; I know how frightening it all can be! A bronchial wash is where they give you something to numb the throat and sometimes they knock you out. While numbed they stick a tube down the throat and into the bronchial tubes of the lungs. While in there they take specimens for testing and try to clear out as much of any growth or obstruction in the bronchial tubes as they can. They will probably be looking for aspergillus (a fungus) in the lungs or candida (yeast) in the sinus or blood. Candida can grow in many different varieties. The most commom one is Candida albicans. This is like the yeast most commonly in a vaginal yeast infection. One of the theories I've read said that Candida overgrowth can exacerbate the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I do not know if this has been proven.

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  6. doxygirl

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    The molds I was exposed to were :


    and worst of all "the black mold" it was growing up the walls!

    I'm still having a lot of problems from the mold....and worry so much it could be permanant....hopefully they will be able to give me anto fungus and I'll be ok.....but THREE years of exposure I would be very lucky if it is not!

    Do you know if the bulk of the inhaled mold was from the four I mentioned can that be fatal too?

    I guess I just need to relax...a little.....see I also have a really bad problem with my esophogus right now so that broncho wash thing really worries me since my throat closes up all the time.

    Thanks again for riding the wave with me here.....if you can think of anything else just let me know okei dokie :)

    Hugs and thanks
  7. Mousie929

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    Don't worry about the bronch-washing. They will numb the esophogus and the throat so it won't close while they are doing it. As far as the 4 molds you mentioned, I know of Asperillus and Penecillium.The one with "spor" in it's name is of concern because that would be a spore producing fungus. It is harder to kill spores than the fungus itself. The spores can lay dormant for years waiting for you to become weak and then attack. I'm not familiar with that particular one though and I don't know the 4th one at all. Just relax and let the doctors do what they have to do and tackle the problem when you know what it is! Keep me posted and I'll keep you in my prayers!
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    I don't know anything about the testing, but I have a thought about treatment. Inhaled, Nebulized Glutathione. It is a powerful antioxidant, and nebulizing it puts it right where it needs to be. I bet it would help. Maybe a whole bunch :).
  9. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Doxygirl,

    I read a book called "Flooding Your Body with Oxygen, Therapy for our Polluted World". In it, the author, Ed McCabe relates how he made a life study of oxygenation therapies. He describes his own remarkable story of how OxyMune helped him reverse life-long lung difficulties.

    Briefly, OxyMune are drops that when ingested, create ozone inside the body. This then has the ability to starting cleaning debris from the body, including many different toxic substances and pathogens.

    Perhaps something to consider.

    Regards, Wayne

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