can anyone help"""

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    I "ve been real achey and weak the last few weeks,somedays it gets better,but then comes back.
    now this morning the muscle,s in the back of my legs,from my hips down are rippling.
    my muscle,s feel so weak that its hard to stand.
    has anyone ever had this happen.?
    my whole body feels like its one big pain.I don"t know what to do. its scaring me.
    thanks for any suggestions. sixtyslady
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    thanks for your reply to my post.

    Its just so hard to deal with,so many strange symtoms with this D.D.
    I know I have fibro,but I don"t know if I have chronic fatique,I do know that a Doctor 12 yrs ago when I first got sick did blood test and told me that my T cells where out of sight,and my body thought it was having to fight a virus off.
    but all I could do is eat well and rest.
    but now all the yrs later I just have one thing right after another go wrong,
    why can"t someone help us?
    this is not a good way to have to live,never knowing what symtom wil be next. hugs sixtyslady
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    Hope you're feeling better today.
    I know what you're saying.
    Last night I didn't get any sleep because it felt like someone had hacked my legs off at the hips with a chainsaw and left me to bleed to death.

    This a.m. I can barely walk. Hubby did a double take on me as I came downstairs this a.m. I must've looked like an 80 or 90 year old hobbling down each step.(I'm 56)

    Yes, why, oh why can't someone help us???

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    I know what you mean,its just so depressing to try so hard to get better,which I did,eating good foods,all fresh no prepackaged foods ,juicing,taking different supplements.
    and bang it hit me again like a ton of bricks,I"m so fatiqued that I can hardly think.
    feel like if I get any worse I"m going to die.
    Its just so scary, because no one can help.
    my familys life goes on and I feel like I"m on the outside looking in.
    the other night we where sitting and watching t.v. and I looked out the back door at the trees they didn"t look real this happens alot to me and I thought I"m already dead I"m just watching my family from some far away place.
    I feel that weak.I wake up in the middle of the night and feel so weak I think I"m dead.
    I wake my self up moaning because I"m in so much pain.
    well enough about me thanks for letting me vent.
    may God bless each and everyone on this board,I don't know how I"d get threw this wtihout you all. hugs sixtyslady
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    I about went crazy lst We. eve. from the pain in wrist and arm. It had never, ever hurt that bad, enough to bring tears because i didn't know what it was and what to do about it. It slowly got better but not good by any means.

    I know how you feel about being on the outside looking in! It is acary but I know now that it is fibro fog. Another unpleasant thing to go through.

    Sixtylady, i wish I had an answer but like every other pain we have, there is none. All I can do is give you a gengtle hug and wish I could do it for real.

    i try to keep busy on the board and give my mind someone else to think about.

    Luv and Gentle Hugs
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    Hi Sixtyslady,

    First, I am intrigued by your user name. Where you brought up in the sixtys like me or is it related to age.

    Either way it fits the bill for me.

    It is agonizing at times to deal with this DD. Doctors don't have answers for us, they are frustrated because they can't help us, no remedy, pill etc.

    Thank God we have each other on the boards and in chat for support on those horrid days when you can't move parts of your body due to the pain and fatigue.

    We live it every day, we may be a physical mess but, we are very strong in spirit. The answer will come one day.
    Hang in there, you are not along.
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    Hey, friend, I'm so sorry you are going thru such a rough patch of it. Wish I could be there and make you a cuppa...whatever...and we could gab up a storm and forget our dds!

    When I've felt that horrible heavy rippling pain, I find that salt helps me; maybe our blood and/or fluid volumes get too low?

    I eat pretzels and apple every evening as I've found I feel better when my BP is a little high rather than low.

    Do you have sleep apnea? Lack of oxygen during sleep (esp. if take heavy meds) can also cause these symptoms. Have you been told you snore or "gulp" during the night? If so, maybe get a sleep study.

    I think the spring and fall are the hardest times for us also; the changes on weather can be so sudden and drastic! I have always felt terrible in the winter and spring, but better in the fall, wonder why...

    Anyhoooo, hope your awful symptoms just disappear like so many of our do!

    Many huggies,
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    you need some xrays or mris. I have had severe thigh pain from hip to knee and got 2 docs opinions ONe did mris after I jumped thru hoops for 3 weeks for him to fax in a referral after he promised to do it immediately. Then meanwhile I had gome to my old rheumy who thinks its trochanteric bursitis. ordered physical therapy. Other one checking for avasucular necrosis. Go figure. He doesn't know Im not going back because they were so sloppy with my chart and the Old one Im worried now will be upset I had the mri? Oh well. YOu need and deserve care. I am 47 and I have to beg and beg and change docs but I will not be ignored anymore.
    Fibromyalgia can cause bursitis type problems in legs,shoulders, etc. Please find someone to listen! A few months ago after 10 years of Fibro I got really weak legs and arms, seems like its all breaking down. Doesn't mean IM stopping trying to get help! PLease don't give up. I am so mad at docs who make us feel like nothing is wrong but there are docs who listen.

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    wow,it seems like this flare just hit out of no where.
    but my son had strep throat 2wks ago ,and I didn"t get the throat thing but thats when I started to feel down again.
    I went all over the house with lysol spray and used hand sanatizers on my hands,I"m now wondering if I"m having some
    reaction to chemicals in these products?
    I just have had my fill of Drs,they never find anything to speak of and then I get more stressed because of all the test,and having to put up with the Ins .
    our p.c.p.just retired because of all the stress.
    has anyone tried ginger for pain. read something that it may help.
    I was a teen in the 60,s and am now in my sixtys so thats where the name came from. have a good one, sixtyslady
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    you mentioned in your message you initially were tested with blood cells out of whack, etc. indicating viral infection. That isn't normally a FM indicator. Have you a good speciailist that can test you for CF? and ME? Looks like there is more going on than they have diagnosed. May be time for a new doctor? Don't give up - help is out there if we look for it. There is a good book on all of these three illnesses, the symptoms and the treatments by Dr. Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland - it can be ordered through your local library. Plese get it and read it = you may find the help you need or at least, an indicator where to go from here. Good luck!
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    this was years ago ,when the one Dr, said my t cells where out of sight.
    I was just so glad at the time that someone found something
    and he said to just rest and eat well thats all I could do.
    but 12 yrs later I've had so much more .
    and then when I was having terrible pain had to see the on call DR and he said I had fibro.
    I"ve done many years of reseach and I have all the symtoms listed for fibro and chronic fatigue.
    and 4 yrs ago when my knees and legs locked up I went to 3 different Drs,they did xrays showed nothing and so they just forgot the fact I was walking with a cane and in terrible pain,could"t even bend my knees to sit on the toliet.
    I finally went to the chiropractor and he just kept working my knees and legs and told me to keep walking,which I did with the use of a cane till my knees would burn and I was ready to colapse,I did this 3 and 4 times a day,in my house then outside,my feet where so swollen I could"t get shoes on.
    after 8mos it all cleared up.
    I have not found one Dr in all these yrs that has helped me in anyway.
    all they want to do,is give me drugs to cover the symtoms.
    and you can tell they really don"t care.
    now if they can get you to have all their expensive test
    then they"ll go along with you for awhile.
    But does that really help anyone, I"d like to know if anyone has gotten better as a results of all the MRI,s and cat scan, and other test,or did it just make us feel better because we thought they'd be able to help us.
    Is anyone in less pain, or less fatigue because of results of one of these test,if so please let us know I'll be the first to run out and find a Dr,to order these for me,
    sorry I should"t sound so bitter with the health care system but sometimes I can"t help it.
    every time I go to a new Dr,all their concerned about is my age and what kinds of meds I should be on for my age,it doesn"t matter if they can"t find anything wrong they just want me on meds. so I don"t go very often anymore.
    you can"t walk into a Drs ofc with a sore toe and they what to do a M.R.I on us,someone has to pay for those expensive machines,and then you need a colon test,rather your having any problems or cousins had one last year, and they told him he was o.k. 8oms later he died from colon cancer, makes me wonder if they had just used the same scope on a person ,that had cancer, before they did my cousins.
    and 10 yrs ago everyone had to be on hormones,it was going to keep us all young,then why did God make women to go thru menopause ?
    well enough of my ranting,it felt good. hope we all can find our answers soon.hugs sixtyslady
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    12 years ago I was flat on my back in bed with raging fibro, a ruptured disc, and ALL the side effects you canlist for fibro.

    Had to wear a neck brace, a back brace, and use a cane.
    Over the YEARS of rest, taking my meds when I was in pain, alot of mindwork to keep myself from falling into deep depression and anxiety, muscle relaxers, sleep meds, etc. here is my life now -

    I walk without my cane - for two years now, after 10 with it.
    I can keep house and cook meals now.
    I walk two 20 minute periods with my dog daily, in the summer drier weather, more
    I can volunteer in the community once a week
    I remarried and take care of hubby
    I participate in music through my church and sing in 2 choirs
    I play piano and organ and crochet
    I occasionally visit my children and grandchildren (in little doses)

    No, I cannot work. I have to rest every day. I still have pain daily, but have reduced my meds by 75%.

    The pain in my knees is constant, rainy days and dampness causes pain, and so does wind, cold or any extremes in temps. but it IS livable. Not like before, when I swear, it was not!

    iT MAY not be the greatest life, but I am content.

    I told myself at the beginning of this that I was going to be a survivor and determined to see my way through.
    Who knows what the future will hold.

    You learn to be thankful for the little things, and, I don't really depend on my doctor's for much except a prescription refill. I had to find answers on my own, and come to terms with alot of things spiritually.

    I found when my soul was at a peaceful place,copiing is alot easier.

    Having some faith in something, or someone other than what doctor's can do opens doors you would not find otherwise.

    I am talking 10 years before I reached this level, and I still have a lifetime to go - nutritional healing, more spiritual work, more exercise, etc., a bit more socialization - hey,it's all good.

    By the way, no matter what, your mind will draw to you what you concentrate on the most. Think of things you Want in your life, rather than those that you don't want, and work towards those things.

    Sounds like you need a little outside help, support, and maybe an advocate with your doctors. I kind of have learned to live without them!

    Sorry it took so long to post a reply to your remarks. I didn't know how to find them until today! (DUH)

    bEST wishes and Happy Easter. I hope you are feeling better.