Can anyone help?

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    I would be so grateful if anyone could help?

    My Mum is 73 and last year had problems with the ligaments in her knees. In October she caught a cough and flu virus. She hhad stiffness in her neck which then travelled around her body where she could not even walk or move. She now has tender points in her arms and says that she cannot even lift a plate and also pain and stiffness in her legs which make it difficult for her to walk. It is worse when she gets up in the morning. She has lost weight and is very tired all the time.

    She has been to her GP who says it is porbably a virus and has sent her for a blood test and given her 400 mg ibroprofen.

    Does this sound like she has Fibromyalgia?
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    Here's what I'd recommend.

    Go to the Library on this site, read several of the
    articles written by various doctors and conference
    attendees. They will list symptoms, recommended medications,
    and other interventions.

    Then go to and type in Fibromyalgia and do a
    search for other sites that help to define the criteria
    for Fibromyalgia. Also do a search for Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

    One book helped me immensely when I first suspected that
    I had Fibro. It's a book by Devin Starlanyl called "The
    Fibromyalgia Advocate". It helps with initial questions
    by giving details of symptoms and it empowers us and gives us validation to be able to ask for what we need from doctors.

    The main symptoms of Fibro that I know about are:
    neck and upper back stiffness, tender points in areas
    like inside of knees, shoulder blades and elbows. Also
    found on both upper hips. There are some 18 tender points,
    though a person doesn't have to have all of them to be
    diagnosed. Sleep disturbance is also key. Now, Chronic Fatigue has more of the deep bone tired symptoms and accompanying infections. Person has chronic swollen lymph glands in the neck, sore throat, and achy flu like symptoms. Others will come along to add to this
    list. A good majority of folks have both conditions
    simultaneously, though there are a smaller group who
    have FMS or CFS solo.

    First step in diagnosis will be to find a Rheumatologist
    who can diagnosis it based on symptoms. In the meantime,
    see if her current doctor can put her on Trazedone or other
    medicine to help her to sleep, "IF" this is an issue. Lack
    of a good nights sleep complicates the symptoms. I've also
    heard that unless a person also has arthritis, anti inflamm-
    atories will not help much with the pain, as Fibro isn't
    inflammatory by nature. I don't want to pretend to diagnose,
    but will mention that many of us take muscle relaxants during the day to help with stiffness, "real" pain killers
    like Ultram or Vicodin for our worst pain days, and various
    anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds as their drowsy side effects have the effect of helping us sleep.

    Keep posting and asking questions, there is a "wealth"
    of support and information here!!!

    Your mom is lucky to have you and your loving support.

    God Bless,

    I hope this has helped!
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    Not being a doctor I wouldn't dare to say what is or isn't going on with your mom, but I will say that I think it COULD be fibroymyalgia. I was diagnosed in '99 & I can say that I've truly had the weirdest pains in various areas of my body, for "seemingly" no reason.Not only is there a lot of pain but also a lot of weakness.
    I will be praying for your mom & for you. It's so very discouraging not to know what is going on. I just always try to remember that God knows, & I seek His help & guidance each day.
    God be with you & your mom. I pray for an answer to come soon. And always I pray for God's Peace to surround each of us.
    With love & prayers,