can anyone recommend a consultant

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    i am looking for a consultant in the UK who understands CFS and FM . anyone know of one?
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    are now working through the chronic fatigue clinics where graded exercise and CBT are mostly all that will be offered. There are just a few good specialists working within these clinics; independant local groups, and on-line patient groups with many UK members, can be a useful resource for recommendations.

    If you want other Tx then it's often better to self treat or consult a doctor who treats what they think is going wrong but who has a good understanding of the implications of these DDs ie allergies, sensitivities, adverse reactions to meds etc.

    Have you seen Dr Sarah Myhill's web site? There are other doctors in the UK treating ME, CFS and FM along similar lines.

    The specialist I consult for infections etc has closed his books for now, so I cannot recommend him; he mostly concentrates on non viral infections but he uses Recuperation and Dr Myhill's protocol for mitochondrial dysfunction if they are indicated.

    Some doctors working outside the NHS will arrange telephone consultations whenever it's feasible; they understand that the more severe versions of these DDs make travelling difficult or even impossible.

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