can anyone recommend a good doctor in northern california???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by foggys, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. foggys

    foggys New Member

    hi i live just north of san francisco. i have been sick for seven years now and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors and clinics without any improvement.

    i spent two weeks at sanoviv in baja. i saw dr rea in dallas. and have been seeing dr holtorf in torrance.

    so far nothing has helped. my last visit with dr holtorf was over six weeks ago and cost over $1400 for the visit and supplements! and nothing has changed so far.

    i will continue to see him for as long as i can afford to but i need to change my primary physician here in marin county. the one i go to now just sits there and closes his eyes as i talk. when i leave his office i am usually much more upset than when i go in. he knows very little about fibromyalgia and like most doctors is drug happy!

    i really need a new pcp can anyone advise?
    good health and energy to you all!!!!!
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hi Foggys,
    I'm "MRDAD" and I'm in SanFrancisco. (It's just South of
    you)!! It's a real bummer that it is so difficult to
    find a Doc or any other help for are illnesses. I've heard
    some good things,however, about some Professionals here
    in the City that have been ahelp to some people.

    and ca.htm

    The people I'm referring to are in the West PORTAL
    Area of S.F. just east of l9th Av. and Sloat Blvd.
    I believe they are on the website

    Sorry you are not doing so well,
    Sincerely MRDAD
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  3. lisagra

    lisagra New Member

    gordon medical assoc. in santa rosa
    michael powell in sacto.
    catherine fehrman in san anselmo
  4. foggys

    foggys New Member

    thanks,ouch, mrdad and lisagra,

    i have tried the good dr list. dr elson haas is terrible. he has the bedside manor of a dead rat! the only good thing is that he takes insurance. but what good is that when he could care less about you or anything you have to say. i started crying once in front of him and he didn't even blink let alone try to comfort me. sorry...
    didn't mean to go on like that....

    i really need a dr that will take ppo insurance. do any of the above mentioned ones? i am willing to go out of marin.
    thanks everyone for advice.
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    There just appears to be a problem finding people in a
    Professional capacity that deal with these problems. If
    it is difficult to find someone in S.F., I don't extend
    much hope for the "suburbs" producing any.
    What is ppo insurance??

    There is a Doctor Barbara Bishop in S.F. I believe she
    is at St Luke's Hosp. Accepts Medicare/medi-cal
    1580 Valencia St. #201 (415) 550-0811
    "Might call and see what the "progams" about.(??)

    UCSF maybe a thought also as they have people who have
    been involved in research on the subject.

    Good hunting
  6. foggys

    foggys New Member

    thanks for the reply.

    ppo general insurance -prefered provieder not hmo or medical. mine is blue shield.

    i know what you mean. doctors have just become drug pimps that have 0 knowledge of anything. just what their tests tell them. but don't get me going!
  7. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Foggys,
    I know how hard it s to fnd a good doctor.

    If you can make it to Los Gatos, there is an excellent Dr. there, who understands Fibro and many other things. He is a Nobel Lauriate in Medicine, His name is Dr. R.O. Waiton, and he accepts Medicare and regular insurance. His office is a pleasant place and is nurse and the other staff are courteous. He is on Almendra Street. He's also on the "good doctor" list for this website.

    Good luck,

    p,s, There is also another Dr. in Grass Valley, but that is farther away, I think. Let me know if you want his name. He is an M.D. and uses homeopathy, also. You pay out of pocket and they help you fill in the papers for you to send to your insurance. They don't do Medicare.

    Good luck,
  8. foggys

    foggys New Member

    thanks terry!
  9. Abednego

    Abednego New Member

    I have to say I wonder if we don't have the same primary physician. I like him as a person or I'd post his name. The rheumatologists that take insurance in Marin seem to be a joke; is this a harsh opinion? I've heard some pretty fatuous stuff spout forth from between their teeth and I don't mean maybe! Anyhow, I'm looking too and have had so many crappy experiences I'm afraid to try anyone new.

    But why are you called foggy? Do you hate the fog like I do? When that crap comes over the hills from Olema I want to find an abandomed mine with a two-mile-deep shaft and shut myself away, it hurts so much.
  10. foggys

    foggys New Member

    abednego hi,

    i don't understand your name either. i call myself foggy or fibrofoggy because of the fibro-fog. the constant groggy mind fog that adds to my not functioning properly.
    i forget things mid thought. my head sometimes feels so heavy and tingly i can't hold it up.

    my pcp is in mill valley. i live in novato. maybe he is the same as yours. his initials are a.s.
  11. lisagra

    lisagra New Member

    Hi adl123:

    can you pls share the name of the grass valley it dr. z? or dr. bigleson?


    dr. powell in sacto does take ppo a search for him on google, he has a website...michael powell. i've heard of many ppl who are very happy with him and his approach to chronic illness.

    i don't believe gma takes insurance but you can superbill your insurance and see if they cover anything. google gordon medical assoc. santa rosa

    thanks, lisa
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Suggestion that you contact 69 MACH1 on this Board. She
    also lives in Navato and may know of a Doc in the area.
    She is on the Site almost every day.

    Just a thought,
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i live in son goes to novato high school...and it is football season...

    first off what type of insurance do you have? i have kaiser...i don't like choice right now...friday i am demanding an orthodoctor for my elbow...and an mri or have to read my bio...

    i am going to college so i am busy and in major pain these days..

    i need sleep badly...i have a friend coming over on friday weekend...she is having some surgery i am going to watch her for a bit as well..and her pug doggy...

    you need to tell me what insurance you have...then i can give you some more info...

    but i don't think personally there is cure out there yet...but need to learn how to controll the fibro stuff...but i have other things going on besides that...

  14. foggys

    foggys New Member

    thanks for the reply.
    i am actually hoping to start a fibro and cfs support group.
    dianas group closed.

    i don't know many people here in novato besides my family.
    you sound like you have a lot on your plate. how do you find the energy?
    i have a 10 year old daughter and a 2 1/2 year old and i don't even have enough energy for them.

    i have gone to torrance to see dr kent holtorf but its ridiculously expensive and i haven't seen any improvement yet.

    my insurance is blue shield ppo so i have freedom to see a variety of doctors. but the ones that understand fibro usually don't take insurance. i am just basically looking for a new primary care physician who isn't drug happy and closed minded. someone who doesn't just rely on the basic tests and cares. i guess those kinds of doctors don't exsist anymore because the drug companies (aka drug mafia) are running the med schools.
  15. cavegirl

    cavegirl New Member

    If you are willing to go to San Francisco, let me know and I can give you my doctor's info.

    Whitney :)
  16. foggys

    foggys New Member

    i am willing to try any doctor who might help
    please do give me the info.
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have had a rough day what the heck is that...
    i've cried in one of the schools or reply the to windblade, fight , jodie 69mach1,

    anyways...if you can get to go to dr. tracy newkirk's office on 4th street in san rafael...called local phone book...he is wonderful...great p.t.....

    i have kaiser and i can not stand them...i have appt tomarrow at 11 right arm elbow down is elbow...carpal...etc...

    anwyas....i am tired and look like crap...i am lucky to take a couple showers a week....too tired to take one...i just wash the important parts...and face...if i have plans to go out special somewhere i will try to find it in me to shower...but i have a hard time w/depression...

    and right now...kaiser not doing anything to my killing my life...

    tracy newkirk is a neurologist...a lady here on this website flew all the way from ireland to visit her son in san francisco and found the best to go to...and it was him..

    i have been to him...for worker's comp...not a quack very up to date...

    check w/your ppo to see if you can go to him...he would not be a primary for cold's ect...

  18. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    You might want to contact Stanford University...they are doing studieson Fibro and I am sure they could refer you to a fibro/cfs specialist.
  19. foggys

    foggys New Member

    more than anything, i need to find a new PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. does any one know of a half decent one in marin county or petaluma????????
    i really appreciate it. the one i have just takes naps when i visit him. i'm not joking!