Can anyone recommend DR in San Francisco Area?

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    I live in Contra Costa County. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago and I need a new doctor. The first rheumatologist I was referred to was a retired military doctor who had no practical experience with fibro. He just told me to exercise and wanted to push anti-depressants like Paxil and Elavil on me. Both of these did nothing for my pain and they completely knocked me out and made me disoriented.

    My current rheumatologist (who I visited yesterday for the 4 time) supposedly has experience working with fibro but pretty much tells me the same thing. She tells me to exercise (which I already do) and she is pushing pills. First she had me try Naproxen and Motrin neither of which worked. Then she prescribed Ultracet which worked but which I became addicted to. I told her that I wanted her to prescribed massage therapy, hydrotherapy and pilates reformer training and she told me that “your requests are ridiculous and without medical basis.” She bid me goodbye and gave me a prescription for Lodine.

    I want someone who believes in alternative and less invasive treatments. I prefer not to be taking pills the rest of my life if I do not have to.

    Do any doctors understand that massage therapy for a person with fibro is not a luxury item? It is not a relaxing experience for me to get a massage. Most times I feel like I am being beat up but after it is over I almost feel human again.
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    Sorry you are having such a bad time with doctors, most of us do.

    We do have a 'Doctor's Referral' at the top of this board, also here is a phone number for; 'FM Network' 1-800-853-2929, good Doctors that are familiar with FM/CFS have listings in all areas.

    Also someone here may share their doctor with you also.

    I sure wish you luck! I know what you mean about the meds, I don't do well on them, nor do I want to feel worst!

    Shalom, Shirl
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