Can anyone relate to this? Sick of fast food.

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  1. jjoys

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    I have 6 kids and a working husband. After having CFIDS for almost 5 yrs. I'm really getting sick of fast food. We eat it often because I'm so sick I can't cook. Sometimes a friend will bring supper or come over and cook. But this is rare. Especially after 5 yrs. You know people are all ready to help when you first get sick, but they wear out after just a few weeks. What do you all do?
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  2. Shirl

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    Six children? I was going to suggest that you have some friends over and have them cook and then freeze the meals for the week. But that would be hard for that many people, I know I used to have a Child Care Center and did that myself.

    You really need someone to do your cooking for you.

    My children are grown, so its just my husband, the dogs and myself here. He works for an oil company and is gone for weeks at a time. So he cooks and we freeze the food in small portions for me when he is gone. Like we make stewed chicken, then I just cook the rice, or gravies and I cook the pasta, beans, etc.

    But you need some serious help. Wish I could help you!

    Not only do I hate fast food, but it don't agree with me. So I really can't eat it very much.

    Hopefully some of the young Mother's will have some ideas for you around here. I know we have a lot of them.

    Take care, and I hope you can get some help soon.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Hippo

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    But we don't usually get fast food. I look for frozen things that are easy to heat up, or sometimes the kids just have cereal or a sandwich. No law that says you can't have a sandwich for dinner.

  4. gardengrow

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    I have CFS also and find it extremely hard to cook also. The early afternoon/evening is my worst time as far as fatigue. Unfortunetly we need good nutrition with this illness so it makes it even more important. My husband travels alot and I have two kids still at home and it has been really hard. We have alot of things like fish sticks and macaroni and cheese. I try to shop at places like Trader Joes and at least get their brand of mac and cheese with no preservatives. I find I can shop a bit in the morning and that is about my only outings right now. They even have a cannned chicken with broth that is excellent in a salad or in tortillas. If you dont have a Trader Joes near you maybe you can find some of these things at the regular market and have your kids help you shop. I like to take one of my kids and have them help pick things out. I also always buy the bagged salad every week so it makes an easy lunch or side dish.The filled pastas make a good dinner -there is even one with salmon. Wish I had a better solution but your right that since we did not get well people pretty much stop bringing meals and things. It would be great to have a personal chef! I cant eat fast food because of not being able to eat dairy products and greasy foods. Hope you get some more ideas from everyone so you can all start eating healthy!

  5. herekitty

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    The crock pot is a great appliance. I tend to feel better in the morning, plus my kids are at school. You can turn it on high, put a few things in, go rest if necessary, then come back and add more. With all the ready cut vegetables and/or frozen things available, it's even easier. I also bought a book called "Desperation Dinners" - all the meals can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. The freezer cases at Sams are full of things that can be microwaved. I also make dinner in stages: maybe a salad in the morning, a side in the afternoon, and the main dish in the evening, when my husband is home to help. My husband often cooks on the weekend, and he makes enough so that we can eat the leftovers on a weekday. My seven year old is actually starting to be a help in the kitchen - you probably have at least one that could help you. I just got a George Foreman grill - it sure cooks things quickly, and cleans up easily. My husband does most of the grocery shopping - I just have to give him a very detailed list. We live in a major urban area, and there is also a lot of take out food that isn't fast food, but doesn't cost much more. Plus there are a lot of places where kids eat free on certain nights.
    Kitty =^..^=
  6. tandy

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    I have 3 children,`Its the hardest time for me! For one they are so picky its not even funny!They eat two kinds of meat,chicken and hamburgs,period!no hotdogs,steak,pork,fish,roasts. I am lucky in one way thou.....! I get my Sunday dinner prepared for us!Italian grandparents!!gotta LOVE em!Pasta,sauce and meatballs!!!yummmmmy~ and we order out every Saturday evening~ Leaves me with 5 nights a week to cook~ At least one of those nights I have a soup and sandwich that makes it easier too. Sometimes I even do breakfast food for dinner!Eggs,sausages and fried potatoes.!!
    But I agree with you...its tough to prepare dinners.I'm usually pretty beat by 4 pm.
    I must start using a crockpot!!Thats sounds like the ticket!!
    Have agood night all!
  7. jjoys

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    you all have some great ideas. I should use my crockpot more. And I like the meat and gravy idea too. I know Sam's has great prepared stuff. I can't get there very often 'cause it's a 45 min. drive. When I get my printer working I'm going to print your replies. Man, it feels good to hear from others in my boat and get some advice!
  8. jjoys

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    I think your idea might work in spite of my large family. I have some friends who are great people and I bet would be willing to help me. One of my problems is finding a day where I'm well enough to head it up. But I'll give it some more thought.
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  9. j-bearmama

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    How about we start a thread called quick cheap and easy meals?

    I'll give my 10 minute recipe for a completely healthy dinner.

    one can cream of chicken soup.
    ( add one can water per directions)

    2 cans ( add or subtract a little for desired creaminess of end result) of minute rice ( reg rice works too, but i'm LAZY)
    microwave 8-10 mins. less time if you have a quality microwave. ( mines OLD and cheap).

    This also works well with the thin egg noodles. I use "a couple big handfulls.)
    zap some frozen or canned veggies.

    Toss some steaks or pork chops or chicken on broiler pan with whatever seasonings you like. ( don't forget oven door MUST be open a little to broil or it'll catch FIRE!)

    You could also toss meat in a skillet if you prefer.

    you could make some "whack 'em" biscuits too. ( the kind ina roll that you "whack" on corner of counter to open.)

    watch these carefull if you put them in after you broiled or oven will be TOO HOT and burn them. ( if you burn them the dog likes them :) )

    This recipe feeds me, my husband, and our 9 year old, with just enough left overs for a snack for ONE of us.

    I have also made the rice dish and added the last nights left over veggie and cut up meat and created a cassorole.

    The rice alone side dish is a HIT with our family. I even took it to pot luck at scouts and all the kids ate it.
    It was funny to have parents ask for recipe.

    Oh and clean up is easy too. TELL family YOU COOKED they CLEAN UP.

    ( well that doesn't work very well in my house, but GOOD LUCK to you on that!) LOL

  10. nogilroy

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    hi i do have a crock pot but it is to heavy . what i use is my roasting pan have the oven at 250 i start this about 8am this is for about a five pd roast of beef and frozen i put in water onion dry soup mix and garlic then a round noon i put in the vegs they should all be cook by 5 but you should check though then you can make a gravy out of the water and drippings you could make a stew this way to i bet just would not take as long to cook though i hope this is of some help
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