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    I got a call from the organization that sends in my homecare worker this morning they wanted to come over. They came over and told me my worker dropped dead at work yesterday. She was 45 single parent with 2 teens. I am so devestated. She is new to our country and has just made a life for her and the kids. The thing that gives me comfort is that she loved God and served Him. It is like losing a close friend. It sucks but I have to rest and know that God knows what He is doing. Thanks for letting me babble. You are all so great and such an inspiration to me.

    I don't know what was decided for Thurs. night prayer meeting.If there is room could you please add me to the list. I am really overwhelmed right now and having difficulty accepting the new diagnosis of FM on top of the ra which I still have accepted. My world just got more smaller (huh) since Dianah's passing. I need more of a support system. Again thanks. Sorry for babbling.
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    How very sad. It is very humbling and a reminder that God rules, and His will be done. Prayers for her family and for you who will miss her. She sounds like she was a lovely person.

    This post will assure prayers.

    There is a post in all CAPITAL letters and dated Sept. 21. Please add your prayer request there.

    I think the plan is that each week on Friday somebody will put A PRAYER REQUEST FOR ????? date of the following week.
    This way Tlayne isn't trying to sort out posts from a month ago.

    Please post as often as you need to, both here and for the Thursday night prayer group.
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    I am so sorry to hear about this lose for you and of course for her family. What a sad thing. I have been praying for you as the Lord brings you to mind. I remember when you posted about being diagnosed with FM. I have seen some of your posts on the FM board and I know you are trying to find your way in all of this. God asks us to trust Him when things are as clear as mud. I would guess that fits yours circumstances now. He will see you through all of this. Let Him take you through it. I know I have wasted much emotional energy trying to figure things out when God is just waiting for me to give up and say I can't do it without You. I pray that you will be uplifted this week.

    God Bless You,
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    and asp for you that you may come to understand hid will regarding these illnesses.Linda
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    Everyone for your kind words and prayers. Yesterday my world became smaller and later that same day God sent you all along and my world is bcoming larger again. Thanks for your understanding during such a confusing chaotic time. God Bless you all.
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    You are always in my prayers. I may just read most days and pray but your name is always in my thoughts. Please take care, I know you trust God and I know you will find a way to come to grips with all this. Until then just remember many people here are praying for you. Dejo