can anyone relate??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. susabar

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    I am having an identity crisis... I didn't realize that most of my identity was caught up in my profession. A professsion that I am not able to do anymore at least FULL-TIME. This whole thing came crashing on me this past November and I really thought I would, "beat it". Besides not knowing who I am , I don't know who my friends are either. I am feeling really lost...
    Does everyone go through that???
  2. selma

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    U R U. U R going 2 know U R more then you were B4.
    Those who don't want 2 know or learn @ how U R or aren't Upbeat /positive people will be hard 2 B around. Can U tell I'm having a hard time typing (No kidding) but you have an extended family and friends here. I hope that I am 1 of them. Love and soft huggs, Selma
  3. barbarann

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    Sue, I think sometime with this DD you have to rethink who you are. You cannot keep from changing in someways. Your life will be dealing with pain and other things that people don't understand. You will still be Sue but maybe you will find a Sue you like even better. You don't have a lot of friend you have a few good friends. You find a quieter way of life and new goals. I am still finding my way. I hope we can all learn to be happy and to deal with the pain. Best of luck! Barbarann
  4. Cactuslil

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    This is a major identity crisis. I am going through it and have been since I lost my "good appearance" to Cushings. Lsing my appearance has been the most difficult, believe it or not! Of all things to mourn, my appearance would have been the last thing I thought would bother me! CactusLil'
  5. Fibromiester

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    Hey, Sue,
    I worked at a job that was my escape from an abusive home situation, I lived in a room over it. I Lived IT! I Married one of the Dr.s! I worked with him all the way through creating his own business, I was his secratary, Surg.Nurse, X-Ray Tech, Kennel Man! Then...I'm, well, I'm a ...burden? He says no. I feel worthless too. But if I were as worthless as I feel, God would have taken me a long time ago, each time I get Angry and Yell- GET ME OUTA HERE !!!!
    No, He says, I'm not through with you yet.
    So, I look my tired hubby, and my "growing" Grown kids, (and will I maybe be here to see a grandbaby?)...Only God knows why I'm here- I'm asking.
    So I pray for -maybe- to focus in on their needs?while asking them to vacuum for me! Or, think of nice things to say to my hubby when he comes home from work? even though he'll pass me by and go read the paper...
    I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm really trying to love those around me as much as I can- as much as I know God Loves me. And Friends...I have a Best Friend- with FM! Who told me off the other day for talking about my FM, etc! I was really hurt...I thought we could just talk about it...oh well.
    Sue, I only want to say!~~~Don't trust your health. Don't trust a Career- that is not "who" we are. Don't even trust People! I guess we can Only trust the One who really knows US, through & through- and Loves us deeply still! Find your Self in His Eyes
  6. Mikie

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    We need to be in touch with our authentic selves. Sometimes we mistakenly think we are what we do. When we get sick, it's easy to think we are what we have. Neither is true. Therapy has helped me tremendously with this.

    Now I know that I am a survivor.

    Love, Mikie