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    Ambien is covered by most insurance or not? I am at a loss here... I had went to the Doctor and he prescribed me Ambien for sleep and Celebrex for pain. Well when I went to get them filled they said my insurance doesn't cover Ambien so they called the dr and the next thing I knew I was going home with Amitriptyline? Where does a SLEEP aid and an Anti-depressant = same effect? When I called to let them know that the Amitriptyline was causing MAJOR headaches they switched me to Zoloft... Now I am going on 6 days with NO sleep.... I am calling in the morning... If I can remember!!! The fog is so heavy I can't find the front door.. :(
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    Ambien, I have Blue Cross. I've never heard of an insurance company not covering it. I wonder if for some reason they don't cover "any" sleeping pills. Because there are a lot more than just Ambien he could have prescribed, not anti-depressants. I tried the Amitriptyline for awhile and I could not tolerate it at all. It did not help me go to sleep at night but made me a walking zombie all day. Until you talk to your doctor, have you ever tried taking Benadryl to help you go to sleep? It really does seem to help a lot of people.

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    Thanks for the info.... I will have to call again.. I have already called the doctor's office and they put this very short rude woman on the phone. I was taking Benadryl. 5 of them a night! They don't do anything for my sleep. Unfortunatley. I think I have built a tolorance to it from taking it so often.... I have been taking them nightly for about 3 years. No one has helped me with any of my problems until now and I don't feel this is really helping me..... Finding a doctor is very hard.... I am going to go insane before I find him or her... This is worse then finding your soul mate.
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    If your doc truly feels you need this med, he can contact the insurance company. You can do the same and find out how to file a grievance. You might find out if there is another drug which is comperable to Ambien which the insurance company will cover.

    I have BC/BS HMO and I have a three-tiered Rx program. If a drug is not on their formulary, my co-pay is $50. If it's a brand name on the formulary, my co-pay is $30. If it is a generic on the formulary, my cop-pay is no more than $15. Many insurance companies are using this tiered setup.

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