can anyone translate U.S. meds into U.K. names? please.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. pinkquartz

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    I'm trying to read and understand peoples posts re the meds that help them and i'm getting lost cos I don't understand what they are e.g. what is klonopin? is there any one on the board who could translate some of the common ones.
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    try to see if I can find out for you. You mentioned Klonopin (it is a benzodiazepine like valium or another drug called ativan -- same family of drugs) . . . I will try to see if I can find U.K. name . . . before I look, can you tell me which other drugs you may be referring to? Like Elavil? or what else?? Thanks! Terri

    p.s. we were posting last week about electrical sensitivity. I just got the watch & will try it and see if it works in any way (Teslar Watch) . . . have you heard of them? I am skeptical, but thought I'd try just in case. You had asked if I live in a metropolitan area . . . actually, I live outside of WAshington DC about 45 minutes, but I am in rural Tennessee now and almost EVERYONE has a cell phone here in the U.S. It is ridiculous . . . people sitting with other people in restaurants on the phone, at the post office, at the grocery store, at the bank . . . Take care of yourself.

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    Klonopin is Clonazepam, the UK brandname I believe is rivotril or ritrovil (oh for functining frontal lobes!).

    Elavil is Amytriptilin (sp?), don't know UK brandname.

  4. TerriM

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    Elavil's generic name is Amitriptyline, but I haven't been able to find the U.K. name yet. I did find a listing for Klonopin & Susanne is correct . . . I think is it Ritrovil . . . I'll double check. Terri
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    i don't recognise Ritrovil but i can look it up tomorrow. Thanks for replying. I've been taking a med called Tamezpam to help me sleep for 9 years, its one of the benziodizapams, do you know what that would be in the U.S. ?

    Hi Terrim,
    I live in a rural part of southern England called Dorset. There isn't a problem here with too many mobiles but the masts are appearing all over and I do have concerns at being too close to one of those.
    I find I can only use my mobile for 30 seconds before my head begins to burn and longer I get a nasty headache.
    Keep me informed re your watch, Telstar, I haven't heard of this before.
    I would love to stay somewhere without any electric wired in and see if that felt better. I did live for 15 months in a flat in avery old house with only a very basic minimum electric supply and I felt more relaxed and slept happier than before or since.
    Most of my friends just think I'm being a bit wierd about this but I know its true !
    take care,
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    for the info