Can diet help Back problems ?

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    I'm 54 and ever since I was a teenager I've had back problems. I still was very active in sports in those days but struggled as I got older with pain. Even though I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I'm not sure if my back problems is related to it. I'm sure part of the pain which runs thru my spine, into my shoulders and neck, and other areas are fibro related. I'm just not sure if all of it is.

    Who here suffers from back problems? Since nutrition and diet is important, could that help any with the back? I know chiropratic treatment hasn't been the answer, although it has helped in some cases. I've been going to a chiropractor off and on for 40 years. I started when I was 14 yrs. old.

    I've tried wearing a tens unit. I've been thru physical therapy. I've had a series of back shots. That's just to name a few things that I've tried. So is it possible it could all come down to eating better and continuing with the supps and vitamins?
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    Hi mrpain,

    I have back problems, upper and lower, which began in the early 90's. I'm not a dr. and not sure but in my opinion, my very active life and some falls led to my back problems. After my neck fusions, I was in physical therapy for over a year and no help there for right arm. I did go to a chiropractor for lower back once, but decided I did not want to take that route, couldn't help think about the danger of possible damaging my spine; but that was MY thought. Everyone is different.

    I rose horses for many years and took a lot of falls. I also fell backwards in a chair, falling up against the stove, leaning back in the chair.

    You can read my profile if you like which should tell you what kind of health problems I have now.

    I don't know if the FM was caused by the chronic pain and fatigue but have a good idea that it did.

    As for the diet, I have been trying to eat right for about the last couple of weeks, meaning lots of fruits and veggies and yes, whole wheat bread. It surely can't hurt anything.

    Wish I could be of more help,

  3. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I had back problems for a few years before coming down with CFS/FM. I started going to the chiropractor then. The treatments helped when I was in an acute phase but for the chronic low back pain nothing seemed to help.

    I continued with my active life, long walks and aerobics several times a week. Now I have been sick for 13 yrs and the pain is worse. Very gentle massage therapy gave me considerable relief for months until about 6 wks ago.

    My low back pain has spread to the upper back and has become excruciating. I saw my GP last week and he put me on a super-duper anti-inflammatory. Sadly I can only take it for 10 days.

    I have dismissed the back pain for so many years as just being part of these DD's. It has become so much worse lately that I want my doctor to investigate it and find out if it is something else.

    Bottom line, I'm not much help, am I, mrpain? I really don't know what supps besides Glucosamine would help with back pain. I also don't know what foods would help. I will keep an eye on this post.

    Sorry, I am rambling. I am off to bed!
  4. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    Just wanted to say good night to you both and hope we can all find some back relief.........Pleasant dreams!
  5. IntuneJune

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    Before FMS, etc, my low back pain started. Initially I blamed it on carrying my kids on my hip when they were babies, they were BIG babies. I would shift one hip out to the side and this would help hold them up.

    Went to an orthopedic doctor, said one leg longer than the other, he made orthotics for me. Boy were they miserable.

    Went to onther orthopedic doctor, no special diagnosis.

    Went to chiropractor, back felt better after adjustments but this lasted only a day or two.

    Went to a "sports" orthopedic guy, (figured I qualified, as running was a hobby), he took x-rays and said my spine was abnormally structured, being off on the front to back curvature, this was causing undue stress on the vertebrae, arthritis has since set it. This was ten years after the initial onset. No one had told me that before. He said standing would never feel comfortable for me, after a short period of time, it becomes painful.

    When I started receiving myofascial release treatments for FMS, the therapists worked on my whole body. This helped reduce the all-over fibro pain, but it also helped my chronic low back pain.

    I do not feel the low back pain is related to the FMS, even having had the low back pain for years before developing FMS.

    How I went to SO many doctors who never told me about my irregularly shaped spine, amazes me, or angers me.

    I still cannot do activities requiring a lot of standing, such as shopping, standing over the sink, extended ironing.

    Since working with the myofascial release therapist, though, I am not in the CONSTANT pain I was.

    Also, I work out in the water, this helped my FMS and back pain, it was so therapeutic for me, I studied for my certification in Aquatic Exercise.

    Good nutrition is a must for us, but if your back problem is mechanical, I don't think it will help a lot.

    Fondly, June

  6. pepper

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    with these DD's that have many and varied symptoms that flare and improve unpredictably. The symptoms can be from something other than CFS/FM and should not be dismissed.

    I have a friend with severe FM/CFS. Her pain for the past 15 yrs has been intolerable. She has seen many doctors and the pain was diagnosed as FM.

    Recently she saw a new orthopedic surgeon who sent her for X-rays and an MRI. She was diagnosed with a fractured tailbone and a pinched nerve in her neck. She was also told to take the orthotics out of her shoes. She has worn orthotics for at least 10 years.

    Finally with proper treatment she has less pain. It is not gone because she still has FM but it is so much better than it was.

    Another reminder that we shouldn't dismiss all our symptoms as belonging to these DD's.

  7. tansy

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    We are a similar age with problems going back to our childhood years. Diet, supps and alternatives have reduced my overall inflammation and my pain. I have also been using non ABx protocols to treat chronic infections. In my case there are mechanical problems and a hypermobility syndrome adding to the soup.

    I finally stopped going to chiros and osteopaths because their Tx did not last long or made matters worse. Yoga made my spinal issues worse, mat-based Pilates helped a bit but often produced more pain, tai chi stretches kept my muscles from spasming and was the first thing that enabled me to rebuild my muscles.

    My Tx were effective enough for me to consider the next step; after weighing up the pro and cons, including long term costs, I opted for a Pilates machine. I am still concentrating on my lower back and pelvic pain/mechanical problems. For 3 ½ weeks the muscles really hurt, this was the normal pain one would expect so I continued. I had become very lop-sided and my pelvis was markedly tilted.

    Using my Pilates machine does make my lower back sore, and that’s it! Sore – not the horrible pain I had before. Not long after the pain from lengthening some of my muscles subsided I was able to rise from a lying down position for the first time in decades. I have to use low resistance, and take care with one of my knees; but even so the results have been mindbendingly spectacular.

    A MRI identified cervical spine issues last year, I've not progressed to using the Pilates machine for those, but getting some core strength back has already helped.

    TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 08/06/2006]
  8. onlythestrong

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    My back and neck is where I have the most problem with this DD,and I have found if I have to much sugar or to much starchy foods all h** breaks lose.
    That is why I went on the Atkins diet because I didn't know how else to get away from sugar and starch.
    I also go to the chiropractor alot!!!
    I use splenda in place of sugar,Good stuff.......
    Take care,

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