Can docs check my liver?

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    In addition to (strongly suspected) Fibro & CFS, I was dx'd with sacroiliitis about 15 years ago and presribed ibuprofen 800 mg. I was to take 1-2 pills every 6-8 hours, and had automatic refills for a few years. I did not know that prolonged use of ibuprofen could cause liver/kidney damage, but now that I do know, I am very concerned about that! We each only have one liver, and the possibility of mine being severly damaged is scary; I know someone who had to go through a liver transplant, and I can only imagine how much tougher it would be on him if he also had Fibro & CFS! On top of all the other crap I have, the last thing I need is to have to deal with ANOTHER serious illness/condition. Is there any way doctors can check my liver and/or kidneys for damage like that?

    Replies are greatly appreciated!

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    Great! Thanks very much!