Can Epsom soak make U feel worse B4 feeling better?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockymtnmom, Oct 30, 2006.

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    I was really excited about the recipes for a bath that featured epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide and dragged my hurtin' self to the drugstore to get supplies. Now, that little trip MAY be the source of my problem, I'm not sure. The stuff was heavy, and I bought enough for 3 baths. The first night, I used this recipe:
    4 lbs epsom salt (milk carton's worth) dissloved in Hot water and a few drops of essential oil, soaked 5 minutes, then added 4 16 oz bottles of hydrogen peroxide and soaked for 20 more minutes.
    I must confess, when I got out, I didn't feel much different from a regular bath (which I do find helpful and soothing) and my aches and pains were still there. The next day was pretty rough. Today, the second day after the bath, I awoke in severe (9/10) pain, but after taking some pain reliever, I felt better than I had in quite some time. That is an unusual outcome given that I was in so much pain to begin with. Should I credit the bath (I am going to take another tonight) and assume that it released toxins that made me feel bad at first, and then when cleared made me feel better (like a massage), or just put it down to the waxing and waning of symptoms?? Has anyone else tried this soak and felt like I did? I would really like to know if others have had similar experiences. Thanks!!! Kim
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    Hi Kim
    Have you tried a 2nd bath? Keep us informed! I am curious if you get any relief. Who told you about this bath receipe?

    Jessica in VA
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    Epsom salt is supposed to relieve achey muscles, but I also read (forgot where of course) that you are supposed to drink water afterwards. I guess that makes sense, salt is dehydrating & drinking alot of water sure cannot hurt. Also it says on the Epsom carton, if you have kidney disease, are taking medication for any reason, or have diabetes use only under the advice of your physician. Maybe lowering the amount of the salt would help. susi-di
  5. cct

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    Hi Rockymtmom (Kim),

    This is your rocky mountain friend putting in her 2.5 cents!

    I cannot take epsom salt and peroxide baths. They make me feel worse.

    Occasionally, I can take a warm epsom salt bath (no peroxide). When I am finished with the bath, I have to drink a bunch of good water and go directly to bed.


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