Can everyone share their story about the disability hearing?

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  1. I went to hearing and feel like I didn't win. The judge smiled alot at me and was nice but he also asked a couple questions ,that I felt was because he didn't quite believe me. The vocational expert said if I was in pain 4 days a month I woudn't be able to work. I am in pain 4 days a week at least!

    So she said I could work as an addresser but I don't even know what that means. She also said I could do table work but was only less than 1 percent of jobs in my area. She struggled to identify what a table worker was. Can anyone share their stories of their hearings. I am going to lose I feel it. Ruthie
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    I can't tell you about a hearing, bc I didn't go thru one, but I know of others who did and I know that the whole process (w/ or w/o a hearing) is incredibly stressful. So, I just wanted to tell you that my heart really goes out to you, and i hope that you get an answer (and a good one) soon.
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    Hi Ruthie,
    I was also told that I could work as an addresser....which apparently is someone who addresses envelopes, mail, etc. Either by putting mailing labels or writing the addresses out. I cant even remember what the other job the vocational expert said that I could do.

    It sounds to me like you have a good chance to win your case. If the judge finds that you are not well enough to perform as expected, at least 4 days per month, then as the VE would not be employable.

    I know that its difficult to wait this out....and stay positive. I am still waiting for an answer and tomorrow will be 3 weeks. I was told it would be about 30 days, but I am still at my mailbox every day, hoping for that piece of mail that is going to make or break me!

    I felt that my judge was very hard to read also...almost seemed as though he was bored out of his mind throughout the hearing. In fact he actually yawned at one point. But my lawyer said that he felt it went very well....and he says he can usually predict correctly 9 out of 10 times. With the way my "luck" has been these past few years, I cant help but worry that I will be that 1 out of 10 that he is wrong about!!

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you - try to stay positive...the stress is not doing you any good. I know its been a long hard road, but take a breather - theres nothing that you can do now but wait until that mail comes. There is nothing that you can change - its all in the hands of the judge. Keep us posted as to how you are doing...I will be thinking about you!

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    I do wish you luck...I had no trouble getting my disability, mainly due to my age as I was 60.
    Do you have an attorney helping you? I had someone that used to work for SS so he now helps those with disability, he isn't an attorney but knows so much about how SS works and he works well with doctors, since he doesn't have the title of attorney. Now with that said, at my hearing he presented my case, the judge ask me just a few questions and so did the vocational expert and she told the judge I wasn't able to do any task. With that said the judge told me then that he was approving my disability . He did say he was a judge that didn't like to keep people waiting for the letter. I was shocked cause I didn't dream I would get mine.

    I was denied twice by SS, before the hearing. I do wish you luck . Let us know the outcome.

    God Bless,
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    And can they tell where this supposed job exists? What business in North America doesn't have computers to print out mailing labels? The only jobs you see for someone to "stuff envelopes" or something like that are in the backs of cheesy newspapers and magazines...and those jobs aren't real. And "table work"? Do they mean working in a factory? Yeah, like we all have access to factories, and like any of us would even be able to handle working in a factory. What boss would say, "Oh, you can only work ten minutes today? Go ahead and go home. Or, you can only stand/sit for five minutes at a time, that's okay, do what you can."? Perhaps the disability people ought to join us in the modern world. I guess that's why I'm going to hire a lawyer to apply for me. I think it's worth it to give up the percentage so I don't keep getting turned down, and luckily I live in one of the two states that a lawyer who specializes in FM cases works. That's a good reminder for me to get the process started. I'm not getting any healthier sitting here, trying to find jobs (to work from home), and waiting.

    Good luck to you. And maybe, maybe you'll get approved, even though it didn't sound so good to you. The jobs that they mentioned don't exist, unless you move to Malaysia or something, to work for 5 cents/hour.

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