Can Fibro and Chronic pain syndrome pain mimick heart attack symp

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monz_ash, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Could anyone please tell me if Fibro's and Chronic fatigue syndrome's pain can mimick a heart attack.I have been having left arm pain since 7 months now and have had all test to rule out the heart and finally went to a Doc who diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome,And sometimes my neck and left arm hurt like hell.I feel so blue.
    Please let me know for sure.Thanks.
  2. iggie

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    Monz, i was getting the chest pain so bad when i walk or get excited that i told my Dr. that I will never know if I am having a heart attack his response was u might be right. He has told me for yrs. is was muscular from my injury. I have had yrs of this on and off but recently the pain has been worse and every time i would go for my dr. appt i would complain about it so finally sent me for stress test to ease my mind . Dr. doing the stress test was great and assured me the pain i was experience was just muscular but on the onset I would panic making it worse. So now I know what it is and I don't panic I do breathing excersises as I walk and it helps alot.

    Hope this help.


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    I just spent overnight in the hospital recently for the second time within the past 2 years for chest pain and left arm pain and also numbness in legs and arms. I know it can be very scary. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack both times but the last one was the worst. My doc
    did a stress test again, just like the first time and assurred me my heart was very good. She said that it was a
    panic attack and that these symtoms can be exactly the same as someone who is having a heart attack. I hope this info will help ease your mind some about the pain. But I still was scared enough the second time it happened to go to the ER just to be on the safe side and to ease my own mind.

    hang in there,