Can Fibro get worse?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeronsmom, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Aeronsmom

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    Can it get worse??? I feel like I am in more pain than I was before and in new places?? I just feel like I am in pain EVERYWHERE!!! any help on this would be great, thanks very much.
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Drs. will tell you its not progressive.
    But I will tell the complete opposite!!
    (sorry) :(
    For me,The first 3 yrs...
    My FM was bearable,and I'd have a few good days a week. Then more and more 'body parts' hurt.
    and more and more days had me wiped out by FM.
    Now,.... I have basically NO good days~ and I'm not kidding you.
    If I get 2 good days a month I'm doing pretty good!! Then again my pain is undertreated and always has been. That makes a big difference!
    Find a dr. who TREATS FM and treats the pain.
    You'll be alot better off than me.

    I'm not saying everyone gets worse.
    I'm saying I have,.. and many other members here too.
    (I've asked this question waaaaay back when )

    PITATOO Member

    Yes from my experience it can progress, get better, different places of pain. Migrate. But it can also go into remission. I would be in real good shape now if it weren't for my herniated disk. Once I get that fixed and can get back to weight lifting I know I'll get better again. I also just had my second hand done for carpal tunnel release. All of this stresses the body and makes things worse. Anyways everyone that I know says it gets worse, different and remember can get better. Thanks, Bobby
  4. Oh yes, it can move around, calm down, flare up worse. But I remember what someone told me once....EVERYTHING YOU GET IS NOT FIBRO. Drs. will blame it all on fibro, but it isn't if something bothers you for quite awhile make sure to check it out, insist. I'm glad I did.
  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Yes, I have found FMS to get progressively worse. Like the others here, my pain began to spread and worsen. I do have a ray of hope, though. I found a great FMS doctor who has me on a narcotic pain med and a med to help my restless legs syndrome. I am sleeping much better than I was and it is easier for me to function during the day.

    I can no longer work full-time, but am doing quite well working half-days and taking a nap in the afternoon. My physical therapist showed me different stretching exercises and ways to do housework and other things so that I do not increase my pain. Pacing myself has helped a lot, too. I have tried to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible. We all know what stress does to us.
    I also exercise as much as possible and have learned what I can and cannot do.

    So while my FMS has progressed, I have found ways to control my symptoms to feel better and be able to live a more normal life. Accepting what has happened to me (I also have other health problems) and finding ways to let go of my anger has also helped tremendously.

  6. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Yes and No.

    Doctors say it isn't supposed to get worse but that isn't entirely true.

    I am going to tell you about MY situation and MY situation only! I am not saying this is how it is for everyone so please understand that before you read on!!!

    Although my FM went into a little bit of a remission during my pregnancy it has somewhat come back and with less than three weeks to go until my due date I am scared!!! (I am afraid I will go into a hige flare but I need to think positively!!!!)

    BUT...and this is a big BUT...I have found even before pregnancy that sometimes the medication whether it be over the counter or by prescription can put us into a cycle.

    I found with MY particular situation that the more pain medication I took, the more I needed! Seriously!

    I started out on Lortab 5's and within a year and a half (I think, for some reason my brain gets foggy on my own timeline) I was maxxed out on Lortabs and began Methadone treatment.

    YES, you read correctly and NO I am not a recovering drug addict.

    It was ridiculous that I was given that course of treatment but went along with it because I was in so much pain from both my FM and Endometriosis.

    I was drugged up, zombied out, and tired and run down that I started not being able to make my weekly appointments to get my Methadone filled.

    Of course this did not sit well with my pain doc. Long story short, I wound up going off Methadone pretty much cold turkey because I was tired of living the way I was.

    Yes "most" of my pain was gone but I was an non-functioning human being. I couldn't even hold conversations because I felt so zombied and drugged out.

    Also my pain clinic helped with my decision because there are some nurses there that treat you like you are only there for the drugs and that was not true with my case. I really did want help!

    Okay anyway, my point to telling you all of this is that for ME I actually felt better once I got off my pain medication!

    I still had pain but it was so odd how my pain wasn't nearly as severe as it had been when I was on the pain medication.

    Now of course I only came to this conclusion well after I was through with the withdrawal symptoms of the Methadone but my pain really was better.

    I basically went from a 15 out of a pain scale of 1 to 10 all the way down to a 5. Now that is a really good thing!

    As for my pain now, it is managable without pain meds, well I kind of have no choice but I am going to keep trying to stay off pain meds even once the baby is born.

    I know this was a super long reply but I just wanted to explain my thoughts on this subject.

    Oh and one more isn't just pain meds that can increase the negative symptoms we have. I was also on Effexor XR and got off of that and a whole bunch of weird symptoms went away too.

    Now to make myself perfectly clear I am NOT saying that we shouldn't be on medicine. That is not my point at all! I am on Wellbutrin at the moment. I just don't want you to think I am telling you to get off your meds.

    Okay I hope this helped!


  7. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Ann ... I think the doctors are afraid to tell us that in most cases yes .. it does progress ... but .. there are periods of 'remission" ? .. good cycles? that we are able to manage this better .. almost gives us a look at what we were like BEFORE all of this happened ..
    Another thing .. no one I have seen YET has only fibromyalgia, there are many more 'tag along" conditions .. whether it is the "cart before the horse" or the other way around, this DD crashes our bodies badly ..
    The positive side .. we begin to learn what we can do to make ourselves more comfortable .. adjusting meds .. our foods .. drinks ( more water ) .. types of physical activity that we can handle .. yoga .. a bit of walking etc ...
    We research .. contact groups like this is a god send .. we forgive ourselves a little more easily when we really can NOT doing anything .. I don't want to accept that I am going to be like this until I die .. but I have learned how to deal with it better than I did 4 years ago .. so that is the glimmer of hope we can hold on to .. we LEARN !
    Hang in there and good luck !
    Fudge : )
  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    My doc says it's not progressive to the point that it will cause your death, like a malignant cancer. However, he believes it does progress and has caused muscle deterioration in my right thigh.

    We are all so different. I don't know how "they" can say it is or it isn't progressive. I believe we all react differently and some of us will get worse, some better, some maintain.

    I have had periods where I felt pretty good and even thought of planning things like taking my dog to a show. Then, pow, it all hits me and just the thought of trying to get to the show, let alone show the dog, is just too overwhelming to think about!

    Sorry this isn't more uplifting!


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