can fibro go to lupus

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  1. rivergal

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    I am having alot of swealing & pain that I know is the darn fibro. but can this go into Lupus?......My Stress level is through the roof, taking care of my Dad he is 86, I am the only child (50yrs).:) ...The pain & swealing just does not go away, I am on Lasik . 40 mgs.....just can't seem to handle things no more, sorry for the winning but I at the bottom.....
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    Dear Rivergal,
    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know how hard it is. I took care of my mom for 15 years begore she died, and towards the end, I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do.
    As to your question, I think it is the other way around. I think Fibro comes along with Lupus. I have a friend who has had lupus for many years, and she told me tht she got CFS and Fibro with the Lupus.

    Fibro can also come along with other diseases, like Diuabetes,rheumatoid arthritis, and Parkinson's.

    Good luck,
    Big hug,
  3. Jo29

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    I have never heard of FM going into Lupus. I have Lupus and Fibro. I was diagnosed with Fibro way before I was diagnosed with Lupus.

    I have had a lot of swelling in my life, but now I am doing much better. I am also on Lasix.

    You didn't say what other meds you are on. I am on Plaquenil for the Lupus. I have felt much better since I have been on it, but my swelling had already gone down before the Plaquenil.

    I have noticed that the more I swell, the greater my pain is. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about your swelling. You might need something more.


  4. Lolalee

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    I, too, think it might be the other way around. My sister has had Lupus for 15 years and most recently has been diagnosed with FMS. I am certain that she didn't have FMS before Lupus.

  5. caroleye

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    First started with a dx of Chronic Fatigue; then Lupus; then Fibro, but although I had all of the Lupus symptoms, my tests were either negative or borderline.

    But in the beginning, it was still inflammatory conditions of different organs, so could've been any or all of them in those early days.

    I definitely believe they're connected. Interesting, just got a call from my rheumy & my tests were "negative" again, but I still have all the symptoms.

    Frustrating they can't get to the bottom of all of this!!

  6. jenni4736

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    I have done TONS of research on this very subject. I have had FM for over 12 years but this last November my body began a downward spiral of symptoms no one could explain.

    Rashes on my limbs and chest came along with sores in my mouth and nose. Fevers and debilitating fatigue took over my body and began a cycle I thought I would never return from.

    **All of the research says it is ** EXTREMLY** RARE for Lupus to come AFTER a FM DX's. Yet for me, that would be the very case if it were true. It is instead typical for the FM to come AFTER the Lupus, typically 1-2 years later.**

    Yet still, my Rheumy, allergist, and even the dermi said that the rashes I had were very typical of the Lupus rash. Other symtpoms I have all fit the clinial Dx for Lupus.

    I have 6 of the 11 clinical symptoms. That alone is enough for DX's yet the labs do not support the conclusion. My ANA is infact positive, but the titre is a low positive. The other labs are even less supportive.

    The Rheumy and Primary sent me to a dermi for skin biopsies. The first showed no signs yet she felt the need to do two more. These will have the immunoflourecent stains done. Yet before the results were in, the Rheumy started me on Plaquenil feeling confident that the biopsies would support her conclusion.

    The Plaquenil has brought me out of a very dark place. I had resided to the fact that I would never work again and that my energy level would never return to my prior vigor.Yet, just weeks after beginning the Plaquenil, I have regained strength, vigor, and energy. I feel alive again!!

    A dear friend commented that "her friend was back". I feel as though I have "COME BACK".

    Yet I remain fearful that if the test are inconclusive or prove no Lupus is present, will she take the Plaquenil away? Will I return to the shell I once was? And if isn't Lupus, what has caused the newest round of problems and symptoms? DOes this all get chalked up to FM?

    Several have commented that there illnesses have progressed in what doctors say is not a CLASSIC ORDER. Yet here we all are with the same problems of progression. It is all so very frustating and confusing. I have more questions now than ever.

    Frustrated in Texas..... Jenni
  7. JLH

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    Like everyone has said .... fibro does NOT go to lupus.

    Some patients who have fibro also have lupus, and many lupus patients also have fibro.

    Lupus has some of the same symptoms as fibro, but lupus can and will damage your major organs in your body, and fibro will not.