Can fibro. pain in flank cause blood in urine?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Mar 30, 2009.

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    I know that may sound crazy but I have both. No visible blood but the dr. found traces of it. I thought I had a kidney infection but she said no. I wonder if the pain from fibro. can be causing me to have flank pain and maybe cause bleeding. I feel like my sides and back are bruised, it is awful. Well I though tI would throw this out there and see what you all think. Thanks.
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    I have been having trouble with bleeding of the bowels. I have had two colonoscopys in the last few months. They found on the first one that I had ischemic colitis. Just before the second one I started to bleed more heavy. They did a vascular test to see if I had blocked arterials which can cause this. I did not have blocked arterieries. The vasular doctor told by gasterologist to go back in. So on the second one it was healed. He told me prior to this that if it was still there he does not know what to do and does not know the cause and would have to send me to another doctor. Well he went back in and just after two weeks of heavy bleeding and after bleeding for a year I was healed. It baffeled everyone. Well one day I was reading in the FMS magazine (it was a older issue) and I found an article how our blood can sometimes work. You may have a blood flow problem most FMS do. After reading the article it made sense to me. Bleeding can be caused by the lack of blood flow to certain parts of your body. You need to investgate this more with doctors. Make sure you tell them you have FMS and tell that with FMS and that it can affect your circulation. What I think happened to me (after I read the article) is they could not find any vascular problems because with FMS it comes and goes. But, because we have trigger points and tense muscles and activation of these by unaccustomed physical activities such as over stretching muscles will lead to increased noxious (painful) imputs to the CNS or lack of being able to be physical. In turn, this leads to an activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which caused a reduction in blood flow to the periphery (e.g., the muscles). A reduction of blood flow was what was causing my bleeding as the lack of oxygen was making part of my colon die. I believe this explains why I was bad for a year and then it was gone. I now am bleeding a small amout again. It may be do to your circulation and the flow of your blood if they cannot find anything else wrong. I am just speculating. I would not ignore it however. As really it could be about anything. I am just writing this in case it is a blood flow problem (circulation)
    Hope this helps the issue with the whole article is "Fibromyagia Network" issue 76 January of 2007 I keep all of them in case I need to go back and research something. Good luck Bobby

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