Can FM be low thyroid?

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    I have been on thyroid medication for years. Low thyroid. Just lately I have been reading about this. My tyroid test results were "normal". From 0 to 5 it was 0.4. They said it was normal. Another test is taking your basal temp every morning. I did and it is always very low. Another sign you have tyroid disease. Do any of you think this could be the cause of FM or CFS?

    Thanks for your replies. Donna
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    I think it's a chicken/egg thing all over again. I don't think hypothyroid causes FM, I think it's partially the other way around.

    I think with FM/CFS our bodies just aren't working right and I know with mine, things are just breaking down. I had FM long before I had thyroid problems and started taking meds for Hypothyroid over a year ago.

    Now again, I'm having problems with this and although my Endo is German, I think the paperwork says I now have Autoimmune Thyroiditis, or Hashimotos.

    Also now borderline diabetic with hypoglycemic issues that are causing problems daily.

    Just a lovely decline of the way my body SHOULD be working.


    Nancy B
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    One of my doctors believes that fm is due, in most cases, not simply to low thyroid, but rather to a malfunctioning endocrene system, in which low thyroid might be one aspect.

    This means that merely focusing on the thyroid area is not sufficient. Attention needs to be paid to such things as adrenals, thymus etc.

    Sites you might like to check out, but you may have already done this, deal with the work of Dr. Wilson (esp. adrenals) and Dr. Lowe, (esp. for thyroid).

    These doctors are also suspicious of normal testing and result ranges re. 'normal'

    The problem is that if my doc. is right the treatment/s are long and complicated and must be tailored to each individual but, if he is right, it means that I might improve/recover.

    I think it is definitely worth investigating further. Dr. Lowe, especially, has a very user friendly web site. Just type in: dr. lowe fibromyalgia.

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