Can FMS Be "Prevented?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Mikie

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    Since we do not know what causes FMS, it cannot actually be prevented, but it is possible that the symptoms of FMS may be prevented from manifesting themselves.

    I keep reading posts here from our members who suspect that their children have FMS. Others are concerned that their children may someday get it as it runs in their families.

    Claudia, at Dr. St. Amand's website, and I had a discussion on this. She said that by giving a child 600 mgs. of Guai and by avoiding sals, it is possible to prevent the symptoms of FMS. Of course, I would check with my child's physician before doing this.

    It would seem prudent to nip it in the bud rather than trying to treat it after it has become painful to the child.

    Love, Mikie
  2. layinglow

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    I have an upcoming appt. with my Doc, for my daughter and will discuss this with him. I had started her on some vitamins and supps, but this is an idea well worth presenting, too.
    Thank you for your usual inquisitive mind--and especially your taking action to gather info!
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good luck with your daughter's appt. I always feel so bad about the kids who have this stuff. Dr. St. A says that they are seeing younger and younger kids with FMS.

    I can look back and see symptoms of it from my own childhood, but no one knew what it was. Fortunately, the symptoms were not debilitating. Today, it seems like kids are really getting hit hard with this stuff.

    Please update us on how the appt. goes.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I agree and think your patients are very luck to have someone willing to treat the children's symptoms. Too many docs ignore them and we all know that without treatment, this stuff rarely gets better, at least not in the long run.

    I can look back at my children's early symptoms of this too, but again, we didn't know what it was. Luckily, both didn't get bad until their early 30's. Both are on the Guai treatment. Unfortunately, one was treated with Prozac by a doc who didn't know what she had and she is now on a large dose and unable to get off of it.

    Our world is a much more stressful and toxic place than it was when most of us were growing up and I think this may account for the early onset of symptoms and the severity of those symptoms.

    Again, Madwolf, good for you. The world needs more people like you.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I know there are a lot of members here who are concerned about their children's health. Here's hoping they will have a chance to see this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Alright Mikie, your shameless hussy :), I am bumping your post for your since I slept too long this evening and am up at 2:15 am!

    I know you are in 'dreamland' right now!

    It is a good post, and will check and see how much response you do get.

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. Mikie

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    Not much response, but I hope a lot of people do see it as I think this is really important info.

    Being the weekend, and a holiday weekend at that, I imagine people are busy with other things.

    Thanks again, you Little Night Owl :)

    Love, Mikie
  8. TNhayley

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    I think it is so difficult to get help for our children because they just cannot articulate very well how they feel ... and more than likely don't know that how they feel is any different from anybody else. And, I'd bet that many of us cling to the *hope* that it's not fibro or cfs, despite our intuition that it is.

    It's so hard for us to get any validation from doctors for our own health problems ... its downright scary and intimidating to think of trying to get our children DX'd. How many of us have fought (and continue to do so) tooth and nail to even get a DX? How do you argue with doctor after doctor who can explain away all the *little symptoms* and say it's just *growing pains* (no such thing ... growing shouldn't hurt) or that we are just projecting our fears because of our own problems ... or that even though we *know* something is wrong the tests are definitive ... and *normal* ... or worst case scenario they start to accuse us of Munchausen by proxy or something ridiculous like that. Geez. And then there is the case of the other *well* parent living in denial ... a huge hurdle, IMO.

    Parents ... keep a journal of your children's symptoms ... no matter slight they might seem. It may take time to see patterns, but if they are there ... they become very apparant when you chronicle them. Don't ignore your gut instincts.

    Mikie ... thanks for the very important post!
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Children with our illnesses are very sensitive to a lot of the same things we are. They should not be eating processed foods which, unfortunately, are so popular with kids. Yikes! When I see kids drinking those sugar water purple and blue drinks, it strikes me as child abuse.

    My younger daughter was hyperactive as a young child and she went shopping with me. She read the labels on everything she put in her mouth. When she couldn't find processed snacks without all the artificial colors, flavors, and sugars, she decided to eat fresh fruit instead. I'm talking about an 8 year old child. I put her in charge of her own eating and she made healthy choices because she hated the feeling of being overstimulated by the crap in processed foods. Today, she eats healthier than anyone in the family.

    I think we have to feed our kids the best and most nutritious foods we can and eliminate all the chips, sodas, and sugary treats. This, alone, may help them to feel better.

    Love, Mikie
  10. ZosoLight

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    One going theory these days is that fibro/cfs is caused by a predisposition that is activated by a stressor. My question is this: has anyone gotten this DD that cannot recall having a major stessor but still got it? Of course, some stressors may be unknown without testing such as toxic exposures.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As I said in my post, we really cannot prevent FMS because we currently do not know its cause. We may, however, be able to prevent the symptoms of FMS by using the Guai treatment before the onset of symptoms.

    I agree with the genetic predisposition and stressor theory which means until research turns up which genes are defective, we will not have a cure. In the meantime, the Guai treatment is the only treatment which offers the possibility of reversing FMS's symptoms. It's the next-best thing we have to a cure right now.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Tibbiecow

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    Whose 8 year old was getting migraines. The answer for her was to stop the chicken noodle soup the kid was eating every day after school which had MSG in it. I talked with Mom for an hour, told her where to find chicken broth with no MSG, no hydrolized soy protein, no autolized yeast extract (these are MSG, folks! and I just was SOOOO ANGRY when I found that out!) and add some noodles to that. This child has had no more migraines in two months by avoiding the nasties in the foods her child eats. No more $15 triptan pills and barf on the bathroom floor migraines.
    It just amazes me, the number of kids labeled as ADHD when these kids are drinking so much caffeine and eating all of these dyes and Doritoes and Cheese puffs just filled with MSG. Then dinner comes along and I guarantee you any convenient recipe, chicken broth, salad dressing, pre-cooked chicken or beef stew or even cream of mushroom soup is full of MSG. If it isn't MSG it is an MSG substitute so that it doesn't actually say MSG on the package but it can even say "natural flavoring" and that can be MSG. I have the trips to the Immediate care and the demerol in the arse to prove it.
    Even people, like my husband, who get no headache from the stuff get a little wired and irritable when they consume the stuff. MSG by its nature will make your senses more sensitive. He's learning to listen to his body. He hates it that I take so many meds! but he is learning to eat more like I do and stay away from artificially flavored, caffienated (unless he'd driving or something and needs it), MSG filled and highly preserved crap.
  13. sunnysideliving

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    First of all, English is my second language, so I am not surprised I do not understand everything. However, I am totally lost with these abbreviations. (quite a long word ;)
    What do ADHD and MSG mean?

    Thanks a lot!

    Tomorrow is still Easter. ;) One more day for rest.
  14. Sandyz

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    This is a good post topic because I`m sure those of us with children always wander if they will end up like us.
    I have two sons, 12yrs old and 7 yrs old. While I really don`t see any signs in the younger one yet, I`m seeing many signs in the older one. It worries me. He has headaches alot, growing pains, allergies, IBS, attention problems and he seems to be sensative to everything from food to smells to overstimulation.
    I guess the fact that he is male gives him less odds to have it then if I had a daughter. So that comforts me a little. Maybe it just wouldn`t be as severe.
    I wander if any of the books out there on Fm have ever talked about this. It sure would be nice to take some preventative measures now will they are young if we knew what to do.
    Hopefully someone will come across something on it that we could try. I`m going to check out Dr. St. Amands website.
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