Can foot and back pain be connected?

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    Hello, I have a big problem and I don't know where to go for help or advice. I am getting really bad foot pain. It started five years ago when I was injured in a bad car crash. The pain is on the sides of my feet (the side where my little toe is). I've never heard of anybody having pain there. I hear of people getting spurs and arch pain, but that isn't what's happening to me. I don't where tight shoes. It happens even when I haven't been walking much and it happens to both feet. And odd as it may sound, it usually gets worse when I sit or lie down. I can't figure out why this is happening. It's happening on BOTH feet which makes me doubt that it's a fracture of any kind. Also, it usually is worse when my lower back is acting up badly. I also get horrible burning in my feet, but the burning is usually on the bottoms of my feet, not the sides. A friend suggested that it is related to my back pain and that it's neurological in nature. But I don't really get a lot of pain in my legs. I get the twitching/jerking at night and pins and needle sensations in my calves, but not real pain. Sometimes they ache, but that's about it. I always heard that with back pain that goes to the feet, the legs hurt real bad.

    Anyway, the pain in my right foot has gotten unbearable. I'm finding it hard to walk on it now and if it keeps progressing I'm going to be in serious trouble here. Some of you are probably wondering why I don't go to my doctor. Well, I did. About a year or so after it started, I told him. He said I probably tore a ligament (I sure didn't remember doing it!) and that if I lost weight it would help. I do need to lose about 40 pounds, but I just have a hard time believing that 40 pounds is causing all this pain. Also, the pain started before I gained the wieght. I know a lot of overweight people (some with 100 pounds or more excess weight) who can walk without wanting to cry! But my problem is that since I've gained this weight, I feel so much guilt and self-hate. My doctor tends to blame some pain issues on that weight and I feel so embarassed I'd rather not mention any pain that could be made worse by weight. Last month he told me I had low thyroid, and he's going to start me on medication. He said it will help me lose the weight and that was probably why I gained it in the first place. To that, I disagree...I think I gained it from lack of activity. I was VERY active in prefibromyalgia/back pain days and got increasingly inactive as the pain worsened. I always felt that I gained the wieght as a result of the pain. The pain came before the weight gain. It's a sensitive topic for me because I have a history of bulemia and I don't want to get that way again. I just wish I could go to the doctor and tell him my feet hurt without getting a lecture about weight which makes me want to go home and do unhealthy things to lose it. I tend to feel as though I don't have any right to complain about the pain if it's my fault for being overweight. It's like, if I lose the wieght and the pain is still there (which it will be because it was there before I gained) then I will have a "right" to mention it to the doctor. Does anybody else ever feel that way?

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    from a pinched/compressed nerve or something like sciatica?

    You did say that "it usually is worse when my lower back is acting up badly." When I had ruptured lumbar disks I had pain in my feet, and it was the burning, nerve pain.

    Just a thought.........hopefully others will know more about this......

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    After reading your post/problems......I'd take a guess at it being from Sciatica~ I have 2 herniated disks(the 2 lowest in the spine where it meets the tailbone)And I have alot of the same pain you desribe.It originates in the lowback but goes into the right buttock,down the side of my leg...into the back of my calves and around to the side of my lil toe~Well....after complaining and going to the drs. for the 5th time with this,they finally ordered an MRI and found the 2 bad disks and one pressing on the sciatic nerve~ At first DX surgery to repair the disks were mentioned to me by an orthopedic.I refused and agreed to the 8 weeks of PT-3x a week.That helped alot but within 6 months of the PT ending,some of my pain returned. Even now I have bouts of it here&there but its not as bad as it was!!I did learn a couple diferrent stretches to do at home and they do help somewhat. Other than that I was given a muscle relaxer and a pain med.(pretty typical).
    When i first feel it acting up in the low back...I know to take it easy so it does'nt become full blown!!At one point I could'nt even get out of bed....or tie my own shoes.(I could'nt back would Freeze up!)
    I don't believe the weight is an issue here either!!So don't even fall for that one!! (I guess if it were a great amount of weight I'd rethink it.But 40 lbs...I don't think so!!)Its just a cop-out for the DR. not getting to the root of the problem~ Best of luck to you!!
    I hope your feeling better soon~
    :) Hugs,