can fybromyalgia become worse

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  1. mejames

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    can fybromyalgia become worse at a certain time of month? it seems around the end of the month i have such bad pain in my chest ,shoulders and up the back of my head it has started to affect my breathing ....extremely hard to take deep breathes...any imfo would help thanx.
  2. lhoffpauir

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    Hi, mejames....
    I have had fibro for many years now and I have noticed that there are ups and downs/highs and lows, etc. For some, they are frequent, like you, every month. For others, they are less frequent. When I find that I have trouble breathing, propping myself up on pillows in bed helps immensely. I found that trying different positions and medication combinations seem to help in finding the most relief. I hope that you are able to find what works for you and that you will find some relief soon. Good luck and take care.........Leslie
  3. Kinsie

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    It definately can become worse. There are good days and bad days. I get worse later in the day, and at night.

    The weather effects how you feel too. I think our stress level or how relaxed we are makes a difference.

    Totally unpredictable!!

    I know how you feel.


  4. Fibrolady37

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    I am always in crippling pain with my fibro & the week before my period the pain is unbearable.
    I get awful stomach ache & the pain creases me i never thought the pain could get worse but believe me it does.
    You take care im sending you very gentle hugs ((((((((
    i will pray for you & yours.
  5. mejames

    mejames New Member

    thanku leslie im new to this thing .... been in different degrees of pain since 1992 ...just kind of diagnosed myself so i guess i have a long journey ahead of me.
  6. Bambi

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    "experts" are still saying FM is not a progressive illness. They should ask US I guess. Noone I know has started out confined to home or bed, but some have ended up that way. Most everyone starts out with random and moving aches and pains that eventually are body wide and pretty consistant. I had flares at one point that would come but then I'd recuperate and feel almost human again. No more. Now if I didn't have a good pain control regime I don't know what I'd do. It gets worse at times but never gets back to "good" like it once did.
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    One of my very first FM symptom was chest pain and difficulty breathing. After months and months of test after test, I accepted the fact that this was not serious. I find I'm worse 1-2 weeks before my period is due and when the weather is going to change. I had a very bad flare with my chest and breathing problems last month....threw me right off:( Now I am in a really bad IBS flare. Gas pain, grinding etc. AWFUL

    I also have IBS, back pain etc. Maybe you can try and massage your chest wall and stretching helps some.

    Have you had the chest and beathing problems checked out or is this symptom fairly new? Get it checked if it's new. Better to be safe than sorry. Write back if you need anymore help.

    Hug ((((())))))

  8. mom4three

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    Was told many times it was not..

    I am 30 years old. Ate right took good care of myself. Was not too bad. Was Dx in 98 and now here I am in horrible pain and many other horrible sx and now I am home bound with 3 small children.

    Yes it it..