Can having lyme undiagnosed really be treatable?

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    I may have had lyme for 5 years, rather than or with CFS.

    If it's been untreated for so long, can it really be erradicated. If you know my story, can't do antibiotics, can't do Cowden, was going to try Buhner herbs. Wasn't sure how my IC would react (already did a little on 1/12th of the final dose that I'm supposed t get up to).

    Can you really get better after 5 years? And does it stay away. I've heard of people get better after years of treatment, stop treatment, then in 6-12 months it's back.

    I don't know if I want to continue trying and continue lving if treatment means I screw up my bladder. I can't live with it now and I've been on the IC diet, stopped all supplements vitamins, etc. I don't see having a 100% chance of gettting better (please don't tell me 80% is an improvement, I'm too young for that.) Besides I don't think I have just lyme and in five years of trying to get better from CFS, no better, zilch, about 20% worse each year.

    IGenix from 2 years ago:
    34 IND
    39 ++
    41 IND
    66 +

    41 IND
    58 ++
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    Have answered you in your other post.

    I'm in the same boat as you after 22 undiagnosed years & wish I could invite you round for a cup of Oatly & a chat! I also have micrococci on my red blood cells & had cryptostrongylus pulmoni.

    My fibro specialist & family doctor say 'this Lyme business is rubbish' & won't discuss it or consider prescribing antibiotics. I'm just treated like a piece of malingering scum.