Can Herxes cause permanent damage to brain etc?

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    Hi all. As some of you know I've had the worst time of my life in all my 12 years of CFS/ME, due to a huge worsening of my condition in late November last year. 2 months in hospital with no answers. Everything just dropped to a new level of extremely low all of a sudden, and no one could work out why.

    My detox system seemed to just finally completely bottom out, unable to detoxify ANYTHING. And as for years, I haven't been able to tolerate detox supps such as glutathione, NAC, etc. If I take them, I feel incredibly ill, so bad I can barely move, vision is dim, cant move from bed, can barely even pick up small usually light items, they feel like bricks.

    Of course this is that I've been low in glutahtione for so long that even tiny doses stir up and throw toxins into the blood stream, making things terribly worse. However, I generally, 1-2 days later get a better day than usual. But the horrendous herx from the initial dose feels so bad that it feels like it could be doing some sort of permanent worsening of the body & especially brain. Not sure though as the good day is noticably better than a 'standard day'.

    What it tells me is that I need desparately beyond belief to somehow detoxify. Yet all detox therapies seem to have this worsening effect now due to being so bad. Even clay foot baths etc do the same. And certain therapies, will give me the severe worsening, but then followed by a week of awful, and no lift afterwards, no beneficial 'good day'. Insanely frustrating doesn't begin to describe it!

    I had to move back with my parents because I couldnt look after myself anymore. Leaving my partner behind whos just waiting for me to get well up here. However i've only gotten worse in 6 months, and am desparately contacting dr's that know about detox etc all over the world, spending all my money and more.

    I just keep thinking I'll have to just tolerate the side effects and start using glutathione or NAC again, even though it makes me so bad, because not sure what else to do as just going down hill either way.

    I do have mercury fillings and this is a big issue. Zeolite makes me severely worse the next day (from pulling metals), and Lipoic acid gives severe brain tingling (strong indicator of moving merc in the brain). Hence cant do these treatments either. Massive catch 22, now so weak can't leave the house and no chance of getting to a holistic dentist to get the fillings out to start the low dose chelation.

    I feel stuck in hell to be honest, and fear for my life every day. Can barley sleep even though extremely exhausted, beacuse I keep getting woken up my systemic nerve & brain buzzing/vibration. Just feels my whole body is flowing with 'dirty blood' / toxins. And the small lift I get from a tiny dose of nac, gluta etc is miraculous, after suffering through the horrendous effects of the first day of it.

    LOST! I know its a vicious circle that seems impossible, but any advice or ideas would be most welcome. Making a video soon on all of this.

    Check out my post on my site about detox and my frustrations with it:

    Thanks heaps guys. Hug. ~Chris.
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    Hi Chris,

    I don't know your whole story, but there is no way I could tolerate NAC or glutathione, either. It just doesn't sound like it would be good for a person to go through those bad reactions when you take them.

    Have you tried something extremely gentle, like soluble fiber? I take Benefiber caplets daily to absorb toxins in the digestive tract. Even oatmeal would do this, except super gently.

    If you can tolerate that stuff, you could try Citrus Pectin, or Psyllium husks, or phytosterols, or cholestyramine. They all absorb toxins and carry them out.

    The methylation supplements that Rich Van K. has figured out help me a lot, but only when I take very tiny amounts of them. I'm not sure if they would help you or hurt you right now. They do help one to excrete.

    Maybe sleeping outside in fresh, clean air would help you, too. It depends on where you live. Some places have outdoor air that isn't so great. The locations effect board describes "feel good places" that people with CFS have noticed.

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    I don't believe herxing causes any permanent damage to the brain or organs.
    As far as your toxic overload goes, its goes hand and hand with cfs and fm. I started taking detox herbs 3-4 months ago and it stopped the long drawn out flares I was getting from toxic overload.
    I use to get flares (1-2 times a month) that lasted 7-10 days and I haven't had a flare that lasted more than a day or 2 in months.
    I tried alpha lipoic acid nac and a whole lot more but nothing worked until I tried the herbs. they are dandelion root and burdock. I think dandelion root is the best.
    I've been in your shoes, where almost everything I took overloaded my system with toxins and would make sick for days. Now the amount of herbs and supplements I take today is enormous and I am feeling much better.
    I read your bio where you said you just don't give up, thats my philosophy as well. I would suggest that you buy a bottle of whole dandelion root not an extract,(400-500mg tabs or caps).
    Take 1 every 3-4 days and if that's to much take half a cap or tab every 3-4 days and slowly work up to 3-4 grams a day, it has helped me ALOT. Never give up! all the best-Jim
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    That's a good tip, Jim.

    I do take a lot of milk thistle extract, which also helps the liver. Similar to dandelion root. I've tried dandelion root tea.

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