Can I discuss Christian book here?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by getridof, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. getridof

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    I'm not sure if I can post the message here because this is the Worship board.
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    We discuss Christian books here. I don't see where that would be a problem. How are you doing? I have prayed for you when you have posted in the past.

    I know you have been going through some hard times. Are things getting any better for you. I hope so.

    Take care
  3. getridof

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    Hello Nancy,
    I'm doing a little bit better. Chest pain (mainly on the left side) and negative thoughts still take place occasionally.

    I'm reading the book "The Purpose Driven Life". As I know this is a famous book. But some of the chapters really cause pressure on me (I feel sorry for that). It says people should get baptized as soon as possible. Otherwise, the faith is HYPOCRITICAL. People should join and dedicate to the church, keep communicating with brothers and sisters, that's what God want us to do.

    I'm a weird guy at the moment. I'm so affraid of strangers. I got so nervous to dwell into a lot of people. How can I go to church? How can I get baptized ASAP? I cannot even open my heart to the community.... I really hope I'll be back to normal but it might take a long time. How can I do the rules mentioned from the book as soon as possible??

    I just finished reading half of the book. I wonder if I should stop. Is this book only for mature Christian with strong faith? Is it suitable for beginner like me to read?
  4. Shirl

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    I have read that book many years ago, its wonderful.

    As for baptism, it can wait. Accepting the Lord as your personal Savior is what is most important. Baptism is to show that you have died to the old life, and being re-born into the new life with Chirst and is a testimony to others as well.

    But if you are ill, then there is no rule in the Bible that says you need to be baptised right away. I was ill when I was saved, and could not be bapitzed untill almost a year later.

    Salvation is by Grace, not of works, and baptism is works.

    I am Southern Baptist by denomonation, I do not know which one you have joined? Some faiths believe you must be baptised in order to be saved. But I do not find that in my Bible.

    If you know a pastor, or can call a local one, then do so. They will explain it to you more clearly than I can this time of the morning :)

    Yes, you are welcome to discuss your book here.

    Its wonderful to have you join us here.

    God bless...............

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. getridof

    getridof New Member

    Thanks for your message. It can give me some kind of relief.
    The reason why I want to ask if this book is suitable for beginner is, it says on Chapter 15, Baptism is NOT a "may do" or "may not do" ritual. We CANNOT postpone according to how we think/feel. Baptism is the origin/starting point of faith, we CANNOT delay until what we think our spirit is mature enough to do so. In the New Testiment, such a "do it later" never happened. If we still haven't followed Jesus's ORDER, we have to do it real quick.....(I'm not copying the original article exactly because it's not an English edition, I do the translation myself. If anyone did read the book or have one in hand, you may refer to Chapter15-16.)

    I guess some more rules are coming up in the later chapters. I hate to say that but I really feel the pressure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining God/church/faith, I just blame myself for being so weak.....and so strange....
  6. caffey

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    I am a little concerned about your posts. You keep mentioning the "rules" in the book. Jesus came to give us life and to set us free from rules and regulations. It is about freedom. Baptism is something we choose to do not have to do. It is saying to the world that we don't want to do the things we used to and we want to be totally committed to God. When that happens is a individual decision. Unless God says specifically to do something then don't get involved. If you start to read in your Bible the books in the New Testament, Galations, Ephesians, Phillipians and Colossians it may help you out a bit. These books talk about being free and not getting caught in traditions. All lot of things that Christians talk about are just traditions that someone started way back when and they just kept going and there is no Biblical basis for it. If you are unable to get to church for whatever reasons so be it. Don't feel guilty. Start asking God how does He want you to live your life. You will be surprised at what He tells you. Only God is allowed to tell you how to live your life not any book. NUF said. That is just my opinion. Blessings.
  7. getridof

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    Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I think I can try to ask my Lord how he wants me to live. And I just found that in my prayer, most of the time is my confession. I always feel guilty when facing my Lord. Maybe this is not right. Anyway I'll finish reading the book but not in such a serious way. I think due to my weak-basis I may misunderstand about the main point of the author. So I'll read it in a leisure way.

  8. caffey

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    God loves you unconditionally. His love for you never changes. If you have a relationship with Him where you are reading your Bible and praying on a reg. basis then He will show you when you need to confess your sins. Just focus on Him and His love for you. The book of Romans says that there is no condemnation if we walk with Jesus. Like you said just read it for leisure and let the Bible get you. Guilt is not from God!!! We please God when we live by faith not be doing things. Blessings.
  9. Shirl

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    Sacrifice for sin, people that believed were told to keep the 'Law', after Christ gave His life on that cross for sin, shead His blood for sin, He full filled the Law! Therefore He did the work that none of us could possibly do, nor the sacrifice of animals.

    Have you ever tried to keep the Ten Commandmants daily?? is strange as it seems it is impossible no matter how good you are! Not to mention all the laws throughout the Old Testment.........

    The reason He gave them was to show man that he was unable to keep the Law by 'works', and that the promise of a Savior was necessary.........

    That is why the Bible tells us we have a mediator between Christ and Man, the Man Christ Jesus! He is our High Priest and sits on the right hand of God to intercedes for us at all times.

    Take care, read your Bible, and come here and ask these wonderful Christians what you don't understand, we have some great Bible scholars here, even if they are not aware of it themselves!

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. getridof

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    I am very happy to get all suggestions and advices from you. Now I think I know the way of faith (although it's still a rough sketch, not a finished one). Thank you all.
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    HI There

    Looks like I have come in a little late, but I just wanted to say that I am glad you came here for help and advice and it looks as though you really have gotten some great advice from everyone, so I won't ad to that, I will just say , YOu are in my prayers and I know God will be with you and give you his peace